We work as an extension to your business, to source the skilled real estate and placemaking talent you need.



Accurately matching the specific requirements of your vacancy and your company culture, with diligently pre-qualified candidates from our active and constantly evolving network.


A more enhanced partnership approach, with an exclusive engagement and a project commitment from outset. This is a highly effective process delivering select candidates, often not found on recruiter databases. This service can be further improved with the integration of FR Video.


Our most comprehensive and detailed service. Recommended when appointing at a senior level and/or when when an extensive, confidential exploration of a specific market and skillset is essential.


People are the core of any successful business, providing the vision, the opportunity and the motivation to turn your business into a thriving, innovative organisation of the future.

We’ll help you not just keep pace with the ever-changing environment in which we live and work but instead set the pace and stride ahead of the competition. At Foundation Recruitment we believe that your people are the assets and building blocks to your success. Specialising in real estate and placemaking recruitment, we know what it takes to succeed.

Real Recruitment Solutions as Unique as You Are

Whether a new development or an established asset, we can help you find your next hire, across borders or closer to home. Our expertise lies in understanding your requirements, creating a partnership built on trust and leveraging our expertise to find you the best talent whose vision will form an essential part of your future.

We listen to you and are committed to partnering in your success. Our team are real people who focus on what drives you, what challenges exist and how they can be resolved. There’s no quick fix when building the foundations for your business success, it’s about understanding you and finding the best solution.

Connecting you with real estate and placemaking talent across Europe

Our reach expands across borders and geographies, enabling us to fulfil mandates in over 20 countries. Couple this with our extensive years of real estate and placemaking recruitment experience and you’re in safe hands.

Our colleagues are principled and passionate about what they do, taking time to understand your needs and committing the time and resources to find you the best talent.


We know you are looking for the best talent in the real estate sector to deliver investment performance. Recruiting in this space takes specialist knowledge, not just of real estate but how it sits against other asset classes. Talk to our real estate recruitment specialists about how they can help you.

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The ever-evolving placemaking landscape needs passionate, responsive and innovative candidates who understand the challenges of this industry. Connecting you to individuals who thrive when creating memorable, customer-centric experiences is our goal. Find out more from our specialist placemaking recruitment team.

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How FR Video can speed up your search for perfect talent

Today’s recruitment landscape requires a combination of both technology and the personal touch. That’s why we introduced FRVideo, an innovative, engaging video platform that enhances the recruitment experience. When time is of the essence and you need a new hire fast, video interviewing streamlines the recruitment process and reduces time to hire.

Video interviewing gives flexibility to both the hiring company and the candidate, allowing you to schedule and view the interview on demand. And in an increasingly virtual world where the best talent have multiple opportunities, a more expedited process can help you secure the talent you need ahead of the competition.



Expand your reach and engagement with prospective colleagues by using video advertising. Not only does this allow us to dive deeper into relevant talent pools but the calibre of candidates increases as does their early engagement in the hiring process.


Schedule a first stage video interview to quickly assess the suitability of each candidate early on. With more remote and hybrid working arrangements, video interviewing removes any early barriers.


Rather than schedule a two-way interview you can set some key questions to be answered via pre-recorded video, letting you view candidates at a convenient time.