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Our video advertising and headhunting service gets you in front of more talent, getting the right person into your team, fast!

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Good to hear from you, and nice work on introducing videos!


Love this idea of sending a video interview. Brilliant!


Feedback on the live videos - simple Love them! personal, fun and brings the job your talking about to life.


The video updates are great by the way!


Love the video too! Great way of sharing info!


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FRVideo – Video Advertising and Headhunting

Our focus and dedication to specific sectors ensure that when we take on client instructions, we are expertly placed to successfully complete each requirement. We seek to provide clients with a supreme level of service, based on detailed sector knowledge, our commitment to accuracy and a tireless enthusiasm for our work.

To find the best talent in the real estate and creative placemaking arenas, you need a recruitment partner who uses the best sourcing and search techniques. Equally, if you are looking for your next career move in real estate or placemaking you want to work with a recruiter who puts your experience at the heart of what they do. That’s why we introduced FRVideo.


What is Video Advertising and Headhunting?

Our innovative video recruitment technology is tailored to the needs of our partners. You can use it for one or two way video interviews and, most importantly at the start of the hiring journey, you can make use of the video advertising to expand your reach.

Using video job postings ensures as many relevant candidates as possible see your job adverts. It immediately boosts engagement in your recruitment process and excitement about the role you are recruiting.

The video advertising is used to specifically target suitable candidates for your real estate or placemaking vacancy. In a competitive market, video advertising expands your reach and engagement increasing your access to a higher calibre of candidates.

Each video job posting is accompanied by a more detailed job description sharing information about the role, the level of seniority, location, salary and benefits and how it fits with the real estate or placemaking sector.

How Does Video Advertising Benefit Employers?

Hiring managers who use the video advertising aspect of FRVideo can use it to follow up and headhunt specific candidates who have viewed the advert. There is also a bookmarking application so if specific topics are mentioned, candidates can re-watch these, skip to them or rewind the video posting as required.

How Does it Benefit Candidates?

If you’re looking for your next real estate or placemaking career move, searching for a job is almost a full-time investment. Knowing where to look and finding the best opportunities can be challenging. Our video advertising will reach you and give more details about the vacancy than a standard job post. You’ll gain an insight into the hiring company, helping you decide if the role is right to pursue, and giving you an edge ahead of the interview process.

Our video recruitment technology creates a much more streamlined hiring process, allowing you to feel confident and supported at every stage of the journey.

50% shorter hiring process.

Hire the employees best suited for the role and company culture.

60% reduction in the number of candidates interviewed.

Easy to use platform available on mobile, laptop and desktop devices.

A completely bespoke process, tailored to the client and unique needs of the role.

GDPR compliant, all data is protected.

Video interviewing and video job postings dramatically improve the recruitment process

With an increasing shift to remote working, the use of technology to remove any barriers to ‘meet’, video meetings are becoming more commonplace.

It’s more convenient for all parties in the hiring chain and brings proven business benefits with a shorter hiring process and a reduction in the number of candidates interviewed. Ultimately, whether you need to recruit or you’re looking for your next role, using video advertising and video interviewing, delivers results.

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The power of video advertising and headhunting

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