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Speed up your hiring process with on demand video. You set the questions and review the interviews when ready.

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FRVideo Testimonials

I really liked the video - as it connects you with the business better and you meet someone from the company which equally gives you a bit of an insight. Mark came across as honest and real, which makes the role more attractive.


Love the video response!!


Love the video too! Great way of sharing info!


The video updates are great by the way!


Feedback on the live videos - simple Love them! personal, fun and brings the job your talking about to life.


Love this idea of sending a video interview. Brilliant!


Video interviewing can work in many different ways. A good on-demand video interview platform will give you options to tailor the process to suit your recruitment journey.

That’s why we’ve invested in FRVideo, video interviewing software that gives more flexibility and creates more benefits to all parties in the recruitment process. It’s a partnership-driven on-demand video platform that helps reduce the time and associated costs of hiring.


How Do One Way Video Interviews Work?

One way video interviews are becoming more popular as a way of further streamlining the hiring process, especially in the rapidly-changing world of real estate and placemaking recruitment.

While traditional face to face interviews still have a place, but in times when everyone has a busy diary to juggle and both personal and professional commitments, video interviewing helps remove barriers and opens up opportunities.

For one way video interviewing, the hiring company sets a series of pre-determined questions that they would like the job applicant to answer. These candidate questions can be tailored to better understand the candidate’s skill set, technical experience as well as softer skills like their communication style. The candidate records their video, answering the pre-set questions at a time and place that suits them. These are then immediately available to the hiring company to review.


How Do One Way Videos Benefit Employers?

When reviewing the candidate’s video interview, the hiring manager can watch, re-watch and share as required. This helps speed up the short-listing process without compromising the quality of candidates put forward for further interviews.


How Do They Benefit Candidates?

Whatever your time zone, geographical location, or personal and professional circumstances, you have the luxury of recording your interview at any time that suits you. The video interview software is available 24/7 and can be accessed via mobile, desktop or laptop device. All you need is an internet connection.

You have time to prepare your responses and can record your video when you are free from distractions. It’s the perfect way to showcase your skills and experience in the real estate and placemaking sector.

50% shorter hiring process.

Hire the employees best suited for the role and company culture.

60% reduction in the number of candidates interviewed.

Easy to use platform available on mobile, laptop and desktop devices.

A completely bespoke process, tailored to the client and the unique needs of the role.

GDPR compliant, all data is protected.

Using video interviewing software streamlines the recruitment process.

It creates benefits for everyone involved, allowing candidates and hiring companies flexibility in how they approach early-stage interviewing.

Remember there are fewer headaches around diary management, no travelling required and fewer boundaries which opens up a bigger talent pool and more opportunities for those in the real estate and placemaking industry.

The average time to fill a role is much shorter when using video interviewing and hiring companies are reporting an average of 60% fewer candidates interviewed. Both of which have a positive impact on the time and cost per hire.

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The power of one way video interviews