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Speed up your hiring process with on demand video. You set the questions and review the interviews when ready.


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Love this idea of sending a video interview. Brilliant!


Feedback on the live videos - simple Love them! personal, fun and brings the job your talking about to life.


The video updates are great by the way!


Love the video too! Great way of sharing info!


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FRVideo – Two Way Video Interview Technology

When your hiring requirements cross borders and you are already juggling a busy calendar, finding time for first stage interviews can be a challenge. Couple this with pressures to improve the time to fill a vacancy or, for the applicant, to find a new role quickly, then video interviewing comes into its own.


What Are Two Way Video Interviews?

A two way video interview allows the hiring company, perhaps a real estate developer or creative placemaking company, to schedule early interviews with appropriate candidates. With less diary management involved, the interviews can be scheduled quickly and with less time required to carry out the first conversations.

A video call and two way interview can be as formal or informal as your company or role requires. It creates the ideal setting for early engagement in the recruitment process whilst streamlining it for everyone involved.

How Do Two Way Videos Benefit Employers?

Two way videos are the perfect way to get an understanding of candidates and ask questions to better understand their skill set, background experience and how they present themselves along with their communication style. It can be recorded to re-watch later, ideal if you want to clarify any responses or share with other stakeholders.

This online video interviewing platform gives you more flexibility. Instead of a two way interview, you might prefer to present your candidates with a series of pre-determined interview questions in a one way interview. In this instance, they record their answers and submit the video for your review.

How Does it Benefit Candidates?

Two way videos give you the flexibility to schedule an interview around your current commitments. We know your career aspirations can take you to the most exciting places, however before you commit and invest in the recruitment process, you want to know if the company and role in question are right for you.

A two way video interview allows you to showcase your knowledge and skills as well as the chance to assess the hiring party. You can ask questions about the role and probe further about the business to feel confident it is the right move for you.

50% shorter hiring process.

Hire the employees best suited for the role and company culture.

60% reduction in the number of candidates interviewed.

Easy to use platform available on mobile, laptop and desktop devices.

A completely bespoke process, tailored to the client and the unique needs of the role.

GDPR compliant, all data is protected.

The joy of two way video interviewing is not just its convenience

On average, users of video interviewing platforms enjoy a 50% shorter hiring process and interview up to 60% fewer candidates.

  • Schedule your two-way interview at a time that suits
  • No commuting or complex software required
  • 50% reduction in the time to hire
  • Learn more about the candidate and/ or the job role
  • GDPR compliant and data protected

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