Contingency Recruitment

Our Contingency Recruitment service is all about accurately matching the specific requirements of your vacancy with carefully pre-qualified candidates from our active and constantly evolving network.

Our comprehensive candidate attraction strategy across our core markets includes utilising our own website, social media, online job boards, conference attendance, sponsorship and networking events. This means that we remain highly visible and accessible to our existing and potential candidate base, and that candidates want to register with us because they understand we are leaders within our markets.

Individuals are registered only once we have thoroughly questioned them to explore skills, experience, career ambitions and importantly, their ideal culture and working environment preferences.

These details are captured onto our confidential database, and limited to individuals who are connected to, or active within, our specialist sectors. In addition, we ensure that the integrity of our database is rigorously maintained through regular contact with candidates to ensure relevance and authenticity.

We are proud of our reputation for being thorough, direct and honest with our candidate screening. This comes from our genuine commitment to delivering accuracy and value in our service. Whilst a range of CVs is typically a requirement from our clients, they value our pledge to only submit highly relevant candidates who are a true fit for them and the role. Our focus is to simplify your recruitment process so we will never submit an exhaustive range of inappropriate CVs, in the hope they could be right. Our ethos is all about delivering quality so that they are right.

Our database service is success-based with the fee typically applicable on the candidate’s start date.