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FRVideo testimonials

I really liked the video - as it connects you with the business better and you meet someone from the company which equally gives you a bit of an insight. Mark came across as honest and real, which makes the role more attractive.


Love the video response!!


Love the video too! Great way of sharing info!


The video updates are great by the way!


Feedback on the live videos - simple Love them! personal, fun and brings the job your talking about to life.


Good to hear from you, and nice work on introducing videos!


On average 50% shorter hiring process.

Hiring the employees best suited for the role and company culture.

Average 60% reduction in the number of candidates interviewed.

What is FRVideo? 

Foundation Recruitment Video Software (or FRVideo as we call it) is an on-demand video platform. Video interviewing is not only more convenient for both candidates and hiring parties, but it brings measurable benefits to the recruitment process.

Streamlining the recruitment process to reduce the time and cost to hire

How does interview technology benefit employers? 

Video interviewing software can be used to schedule first stage interviews so you can quickly assess the skills, experience, communication style and culture fit of your potential new colleague.

FRVideo is a hiring platform designed to be partner-driven. We’ve invested in leading recruitment technology and can tailor the use of video interviewing to suit you. That could be utilising video advertising, scheduling two-way interviews, or using the on-demand video feature to arrange one-way videos with a series of pre-determined interview questions.

The video interviewing software used in FRVideo is straightforward and user-friendly with no complex downloads involved. You can rest assured that all data is protected, and the platform is GDPR compliant.


How does it benefit candidates? 

Scheduling interviews whilst you are still working is always a challenge. Video interviewing helps as there is no travel time required. The first interview is either scheduled at a time that suits both parties or is pre-recorded, with set questions you can respond to at a convenient time and place.

You also have the opportunity to find out more about the role and assess whether it is the right career move for you in the real estate and placemaking sector.

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Two Way Interviews


Using video interviewing software for first stage interviews gives all parties more flexibility. There is no need to commute or set aside significant amounts of time.

Simply find a suitable time and location to schedule a two-way interview call. Using a video interviewing platform allows hiring companies and candidates to get to know each other and assess the fit at an early stage, thereby significantly reducing the time and cost to hire.


One Way Interviews (Candidate Questions)

Our video interviewing software allows hiring managers to set up a series of pre-determined candidate questions. Applicants have time to prepare and record their answers at a time and place that suits them.

It’s quicker and more convenient than in-person first stage interviewing. Our clients make use of this on-demand video interview platform to watch, rewatch and share responses. It also streamlines the shortlisting process.


Video Advertising and Headhunting

Our video advertising targets high calibre, experienced candidates. We set the parameters based on the client brief, so the most appropriate candidates are targeted.

This enables employers to reach a richer talent pool whilst candidates can learn more about job opportunities whilst they are still employed. Alongside each video is a job description so candidates can learn more about the role and company and decide whether to apply.