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22 Sep

Manchester’s Mayor’s Big Plan

Another article about the North Powerhouse… it seems to be the most potent topic in the regions at the moment! We attended the Estates Gazette Question Time conference in Manchester yesterday evening, where once again, the event held an interesting… Read more

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20 Sep

BIDs and Shopping Centres Join Forces

Shopping centre managers are always looking to engage with the local shoppers and community to drive the excellence of the schemes and enhance the customer experience, but it doesn’t stop there… It’s important for shopping centre managers to engage with… Read more

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18 Sep

Stepping into Management

Yesterday, I started my first leadership course with APSCo. It was a very dynamic and engaging training session that helps to widen skills such as communication with teams, influencing others and balancing priorities at work. Although no single leadership style… Read more

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15 Sep

Automotive Retail

A shopping centre’s accessibility has always been an important factor in order to drive footfall. What are the transport links? What is the car park’s capacity? Is it in walking distance of a residential area? The list goes on. Driverless… Read more

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12 Sep

Shopping Center Apps

The use of apps has become a part of our daily lives, and shopping centers have used this trend as a leverage to develop and improve the guest experience. Traditionally, shopping centers were designed to be a complex of stores… Read more

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10 Sep

Airport Luxury Retail Booms!

Airport retail is no longer – and hasn’t been for some time – a space just to buy a cheap souvenir and a Toblerone for a loved one (although that offering is still there). Airport retail has developed massively over… Read more

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7 Sep

The Rise of Shopping Centers in Poland

Since Poland’s transition period, over the last 20 years, the country has faced remarkable growth. With the integration to the EU, Poland has faced economic growth through the adoption of Western institutions, social norms and…shopping centers. As a child, I grew… Read more

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5 Sep

Manchester’s Developing City

The Northern Powerhouse that is Manchester is seeing a whole host of activity across the city. Based in the heart of the city centre myself, I am exposed to new cranes popping up in every direction, witnessing developments and refurbishments constantly ongoing.… Read more

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1 Sep

City Spotlight: Birmingham

Birmingham is a city that has seen a significant increase in investment over the last five years. As with the majority of the regions, the city is benefiting from London commercial – and residential – property prices reaching realms that… Read more

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31 Aug

Food & Beverage on the Rise…

Today’s Shopping Centre industry has a growing demand for one particular feature: improved Food and Beverage offerings. With the present focus on turning shopping centre’s into experiential destinations, the new “foodie” consumers looking for a much more varied and sophisticated… Read more

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