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21 Jul

Aviation: The forever developing sector

The volume of passengers coming to the UK has seen a considerable increase following BREXIT. According to ForwardKeys, London’s arrivals have grown by 14% ahead of figures for July to October. With increased volumes passing through, airports need to be… Read more

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18 Jul

Pop-up Stores: the ingenious idea to utilise and maximise on mall space

A recent noticeable trend in the shopping centre arena – unsurprisingly due to the initiative contributing approximately £2.3billion a year to the UK economy – are pop-up stores. These temporary, often small in scale, and ideally unique stores, are a… Read more

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14 Jul

New Directors at Foundation Recruitment

New Directors at Foundation Recruitment… Today has been a particularly positive and proud day for FR. Not only have we been celebrating our 2nd successive best ever quarter, we have also been applauding the significant achievement of our newly appointed… Read more

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11 Jul

Women in Real Estate

There is an enormous amount of effort across the industry promoting women, gender equality and diversity in the real estate sector. From a recruitment perspective, with the current growth in the industry and the increasing demand for talent, it would… Read more

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9 Jul

The Importance of Business Improvement Districts

There are now over 200 Business Improvement Districts (BIDs) in the UK. These BIDs are working hard to make their responsible geographical area better; introducing new facilities, services and projects to enhance the destination. Here are some benefits BIDs bring to… Read more

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6 Jul

Transport Hubs: Future Retail Destinations

Transport hubs can have extremely high footfall, especially in large cities, and this volume of people offer a great opportunity to the tenants within these spaces. Foundation Recruitment has seen a lot of similarities between shopping centres and the airport… Read more

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2 Jul

What is Placemaking?

Placemaking has become a popular phrase used in the shopping centre and retail industry, but what does it actually mean? Placemaking can be defined as a multi-faceted approach to the planning, design and management of public spaces.  Project for public… Read more

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29 Jun

Mayor of London: Real Estate

It has been a year since London elected a new mayor, the predecessor, Mr Johnson had given the capital so much in the way of Boris Bikes, a very successful Olympics and many comical moments. Khan is a different type of… Read more

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26 Jun

Re-Thinking Security

The landscape of security is changing at pace. The devastating events we have experienced recently have led to a heightened need for security across all our sectors. Many property management teams have quickly reacted; increasing numbers of staff, rehearsing security… Read more

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23 Jun

An Insight on Leadership Following the Election & BREXIT

A year since the EU referendum and 2 weeks since the shock results of the election! Through campaigning over recent months, and since the results, there has been a lot of discussion over what makes a good leader. Theresa May… Read more

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