The Impact of Influencers

The growth of influencers in modern-day marketing is moving at pace.

What is an influencer?

An influencer is someone who carries a strong reputation and has established high credibility with a large audience within a given niche. Brands are quickly cottoning on to the considerable impact these individuals can have if partnered with: boosting brand awareness, sales and position in the market.

The reality TV show, Love Island, which currently has the whole nation hooked is a great example of how influential individuals can be. The show results in contestants growing their Instagram followers significantly, with previous ‘islanders’ boasting over 1million followers. The followers are a prime audience, ready to be influenced by what clothes they’re wearing, beauty products used and destinations visited – fantastic opportunities for brands to latch on to.

How do influencers work?

A common partnering method is via giveaways. Brands are reaching out to influencers, sending free products and asking them to share a photograph or video of them using the product, with a positive caption sharing their thoughts.

Factors influencing purchasing decisions have changed.

  • 200 million Instagram users follow at least 1 fashion account.
  • 45% of Britain’s Instagram users say they follow these fashion accounts to gain inspiration for looks they can buy or create themselves.
  • 81% of consumers make purchases based on a friend’s social media posts.
  • Consumers are 71% more likely to purchase if referred by social media.
  • 72% of millennials report buying fashion and beauty products based on Instagram posts.
  • 82% of consumers are highly likely to follow the recommendation of a micro-influencer.

It’s no surprise from the statistics above that Instagram has become a key element in marketing strategies.

Retailers and shopping centres are increasingly looking to partner with social media agencies moreover previous, more traditional methods such as billboards, TV adverts, and magazines. A strong example being Manchester Arndale. The centre partnered with the digital agency, True and influencer management agency, Social Chain, to help reposition the centre as an integral part of Manchester life and individuality – not just a retail destination. The objectives were to build a positive brand perception while growing the Arndale’s presence on social channels. They collaborated with 6 mirco-influencers who posted about specific themes, all linking to fashion products available to purchase at the Arndale. The campaign was supported by paid ads and promoted posts, but the overall promotion delivered the centre a new reach of 363,000 users and 25,474 engagements!

Influencers are quickly changing the marketing landscape, especially as more and more users are downloading and using social platforms, expanding influencer’s audiences and therefore, increasing the impact they can have!

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