Women in Real Estate

There is an enormous amount of effort across the industry promoting women, gender equality and diversity in the real estate sector. From a recruitment perspective, with the current growth in the industry and the increasing demand for talent, it would be a great mistake to ignore half the talent pool!

There are more and more networking organisations appearing supporting women and inspiring them to strive to leadership roles. Many of these networks are holding regular events which frequently have a strong turn-out, clearly showing how the industry is taking the balance seriously and are striving to do something about it.

Cushman and Wakefield reported earlier this year that they believe “diversity inspires breakthrough innovation, a culture of inclusion, and encourages the people of Cushman & Wakefield to be the best of the best.”

It is great to see things are changing and more women are entering the industry. Bill Hughes of Legal and General Asset Management has been recognised as a leader in supporting workplace diversity. Entry level recruitment at his company is now firmly 50/50 gender balance which demonstrates promise for the future leadership workforce balance.

Amanda Clack FRICS, ranked 13 in City AM’s ‘Powerful Women in the City’ list 2015, talked to RICS about gender parity and has made it clear she believes there is now a common awareness of the gap – which is extremely positive and an important factor in making a change. Clack believes the main issue is simply a lack of role models and understanding of the opportunities available for women. RICS has various strategies in place to promote the sector (in particular, the women within it) to tackle what Clack believes is the main issue:

  • They have sponsored ‘Women of the Future in Real Estate Construction and Infrastructure’ award
  • They have created ‘RICS Visible Women’ group to raise awareness of female property professionals
  • RICS also run #SurveyingtheFuture – a campaign to increase the overall diversity of the workforce.

Role models promoting career opportunities is a great way to attract women into the industry from a young age and helps to ensure the future workforce continues to close the gap between men and women and creates diversity.

Mentoring is also a big theme across the industry to ensure all individuals are getting the support they need to progress and develop their career further into leadership roles. Clack felt this was important so she launched an international mentoring initiative between the UK and South Africa to ensure professionals across the globe are developing a more diverse industry.

It is positive to see the amount work individuals are putting in to ensure the industry looses it’s male dominated reputation – and it is even more positive to see the work is paying off!

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