Why work in Shopping Centre Marketing?

A shopping centre marketing team has a massive impact on the success of a scheme. They play a crucial role in attracting tenants, enticing high levels of footfall, enhancing the customer experience and boosting sales!

Working in shopping centre marketing has never been more exciting! The developments in technology are delivering limitless opportunities to create and implement unique and truly innovative campaigns. The growing number of platforms available is resulting in a forever changing and growing strategy, providing the opportunity for an individual to constantly develop their skills – marketing will never be at a standstill!

The number of competitors in the industry is growing, pressuring marketing teams to create campaigns that set themselves apart. Detailed analysis of competitors needs to be conducted regularly to ensure the experience is delivering beyond expectations, but it’s not just other centres delivering competition. Online is increasingly challenging shopping centres to entice consumers off the sofa and into their scheme – a hard task for anyone, especially with the cold dark weather looming.

The marketing strategy needs to successfully raise awareness of the tenant mix, events, promotions and constantly ensure consumers know what is on offer at the centre. It is vital marketing teams are constantly expanding their reach and communicating with potential footfall to build consumer loyalty and drive new and repeat visits – future proofing the mall’s success!

The role delivers the opportunity to work with a range of stakeholders and a diverse mix of brands including fashion, food, beauty and sport to name a few! All tenants from anchor to pop-ups need to be partnered with and they all have different budgets, audiences and campaigns. This part of the role ensures a varied career.

There is not one consumer demographic to target unlike common marketing strategies; the local audience, the different tenant’s consumer base and the accessibility of the centre, results in an incredibly varied consumer demographic! This means that determining the channels of media to use is much more complex.

The skill-set required to work in marketing is expanding. You need to be extremely tech-savvy and knowledgeable about new and developing platforms; you need to be confident in building relationships and have the ability to work with people from a range of levels and organisations, and, you need to be truly creative and able to bring new, innovative ideas to the table.

The shopping centre sector is evolving at pace and can offer a fulfilling, diverse and progressive career! Check out our vacancies page for the latest opportunities!

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