The Gender Gap in Real Estate

The lack of women in real estate is an on-going topic being discussed and has become a challenge across the industry. The sector has a male-dominated reputation which has resulted in a low volume of women in senior positions. However, there is currently a lot of work and promotion being injected into the industry to raise the profile of women and ensure opportunities are available and progression paths clearly marked out.

Estate Gazette recently reported the gender pay gap results from companies with 250 or more employees. With the amount of press and conversations about the gender bias in the industry, the results aren’t what would be hoped for, but aren’t surprising – demonstrating a large proportion of major players are well above the national mean gender pay gap of 14.1%. This being said, it is great to see so many different campaigns and associations being built to combat this issue and really close the gender gap we are currently seeing.

As a member of the enei, we are passionate about creating an equal and diverse business, not only for our own employees, but supporting our clients in creating a more diverse workforce. We do this by finding the right talent, looking at different skills and knowledge that can make a real positive impact on an organisation. Diversity equates to a wider range of ideas, brings opportunity and generates positive change – all supporting business growth and development.

I have highlighted a few campaigns and organisations below that are working hard to raise the profile of women and create future female leaders in the sector.

We have created a “High Achievers – Women in Real Estate group” for female professionals to network and build a community to support and encourage progression. We also recruit for a range of jobs in the real estate sector, across the UK and internationally. These roles are published on our website and also shared in this group to keep opportunities visible!

The Real Estate Balance Association is run by leaders from a range of leading organisations, to address the gender imbalance in the real estate sector. In November last year, they released ‘The CEO Commitments for Diversity’, which contains 10 commitments which will support businesses achieve a better gender balance and develop a pipeline of women that will be the leaders of the future.

Women Talk Real Estate is a non-profit organisation dedicated to increasing the visibility of women in the European real estate industry. They have created a network of women to connect training and press opportunities, raising awareness of female professionals and showcasing their expertise. This will not only bring business opportunities and deliver career progression prospects, but also inspire junior female professionals in the industry and encourage graduates to consider a career in the sector.

RE: WOMEN are a group of real estate professionals supporting equality and diversity in the real estate industry through informal education and networking opportunities. They offer sector-based training such as valuation, financial modelling and also some softer skills such as leadership, presentation, networking and self-esteem, to ensure women have the right knowledge and skills to progress further within the industry.

Earlier this year, Bisnow held their first “Women Leading Real Estate event” which some of the Foundation Recruitment team attended and thoroughly enjoyed. To mark the launch of their events, they compiled a list of the 51 most influential, dynamic, exciting and successful women in the UK. This list is a great example the success that is currently being enjoyed by females in the industry and will inspire other female professionals to strive towards more senior positions.

WIRE is a network association for women in private equity real estate, to encourage and facilitate strong networks and connections among female professionals. It is a global platform with offices in London, Los Angeles, Boston, San Francisco and Chicago. They have been running since 2008 and have created a strong community of women.

There is plenty of work being done and we are hopeful that next year, the results will show a much more equal split of gender within the industry.

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