Technology is Changing Marketing as We Know It!

Technology developments are moving at an astonishing rate, I remember going on holiday and packing a whole bag full of devices: phone, video camera, camera, map, board games, laptop, walkman, speakers and a diary. Now I just need my phone which has everything available on one device!

Due to the vast developments, it is not surprising marketing strategies are having to adapt and develop in order to be seen and engage with the tech-savvy consumers.

Chat-based AI is becoming increasingly popular with companies utilising ‘chatbots’ to simulate automated conversations with customers. It is a clever development which really personalises the experience to each customer offering a 1-1 service and communication.

Account based marketing (ABM) is another great method to send consumers recommended, specific content or products which relate to their searches or purchase history. With the amount of content being shared and the number of advertisements being posted, the market is becoming saturated with information, products, services and offers, so to engage with an individual, the messaging needs to be tailored and personalised.

Influencer marketing is a strategy that is really growing. The amount of social media platforms we have now and the mass following certain individuals have is mounting daily. Selecting an individual that matches the target audience and having them talk about the brand can be much more effective than other marketing activities. They already have a network of individuals that listen and follow their activities and behaviour, so this is a great way to break through the saturated market and be heard!

Voice search is being used much more with Siri, Google, Alexa and many more. The opportunities to search without lifting a finger is now a reality, brands need their websites coded in a way that can be found/respond to this and contain all the right information and keywords needed.

Videos are becoming much more popular, I have really noticed over the last 12 months that when scrolling through the newsfeed on Facebook or LinkedIn, I struggle to pass more than 3 posts without seeing a video. The market is becoming more demanding and wants content to be more interactive and engaging – static content and long PDF documents are losing their impact. People are impatient and want information quickly and also transferred innovatively.

Virtual Reality (VR) is still up-and-coming and not as wide-spread as other technology developments, but it is definitely one to watch. Virtual Reality allows consumers to feel part of an experience without being there – it doesn’t require an individual to read, imagine, wonder or guess. VR marketing delivers the opportunity to create brand experiences which leave a lasting impression.

There are numerous developments in technology which all provide opportunities for marketing teams to change and expand their campaigns to create truly exciting and innovative strategies. It’s an exciting time to be in the industry, it’s starting to feel like opportunities are limitless with restrictions quickly being eradicated!

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