Retail Trends

New trends appear to be developing faster than ever, meaning brands and retailers have an even bigger challenge to stay on top of their strategies in order to stay relevant for today’s savvy consumer.


Shifting consumer attitudes is a constant battle for retailers with personalisation becoming increasingly more important. According to an Accenture Interactive study, “56% of consumers are more likely to shop at a retailer in store or online that recognises them by name.” This could mean we see an increase in geo-targeting strategies such as beacons.


Beacon technology has been around for a few years, but there is definitely room for this platform to develop further and become more prominent. Beacons allow retailers to send push notifications of targeted promotions when consumers approach different stores in an attempt to increase footfall. With the constant need to introduce innovative user experiences, beacons could be set to become a lot more popular this year!


Data is more valuable than ever before for retailers and shopping centres. Tracking consumer purchase trends, digital footsteps in-store and gaining personal data to target and personalise communication is critical. Consumers expect every aspect of their visit to a scheme to be personal, inspirational and convenient. If retailers and centres utilise the data available successfully and create unique in-store experiences; they will be in for a very successful year!

Bringing online instore

Creating an online experience in-store is expected to be seen a lot more this year. Smart dressing rooms; interactive displays; iPad payments; virtual shopping centres; the list goes on. The shopping experience really is developing at an impressive rate.


Retailtainment, a phrase developed to describe how shopping centres are no longer just for shopping – retailer’s are now going the extra mile to incorporate entertainment into the consumer experience. This will encourage footfall, increase dwell time and enhance the consumer experience. Retailtainment makes the shopping experience more engaging, helps fight the battle of online shopping and inspires consumers to share posts and promotions with their friends and family via social media.

All-encompassing shopping centres are the future; everything you need in one destination. This includes a strong tenant mix, and those tenants implementing innovative new strategies to constantly entice consumers to visit.

Looking forward to what 2017 has to bring…

Katrina Whitehead, Marketing Executive, Foundation Recruitment

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