Retail Matters

This week, Revo is leading Retail Matters week to celebrate and showcase the great talents of those who work in retail, the career opportunities available and the initiatives implemented by the property sector.

The campaign delivers an opportunity to share what working in a retail environment really entails, behind the closed doors of the shop floor, and demonstrates the real progression opportunities available. There is an impressive amount of strategy, structure, planning, and research conducted and a massive amount of talent involved to deliver the smooth operational running of a shopping destination that we as consumers just expect!

We have been recruiting in the sector for over 9 years and we can confidently say the career opportunities available are truly exciting! The sector has developed and grown, incorporated the latest technologies into the consumer experience and has proved that no matter how much e-commerce grows, there will always be a place for bricks and mortar!

This year, Revo’s Retail Matters week is focussing on the homeless and retail property’s role in contributing positively to long-term sustainable solutions.

St David’s shopping centre in Cardiff conducted an art campaign called “We Loves the Diff” from 29th April – 27th May 2018. They successfully raised £30,200 for 3 of their local charities from selling 5,000 copies of limited edition prints.

Westquay shopping centre in Southampton partners with a local homeless charity named Two Saints. Hammerson has donated £5,000 to the charity through their bursary scheme and donate all lost property. Tomorrow the centre will also be holding a male choir singing event for World Homeless Day to raise money for Two Saints.

We at Foundation are passionate about supporting homeless charities and have done work with Manchester’s local charity: The Mustard Tree, to do our part in supporting organisations that are working tirelessly to abolish homelessness. It is fantastic to see the shopping centre industry using their platform and visibility to explore and share solutions to deliver support and a safe place to stay.

Join our High Achievers groups to continue to celebrate success and talent in the industry, support fantastic initiatives and share the latest news and trends!

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