Recruitment Marketing

Recruitment is a fast paced and competitive sector which is growing at an even faster rate, meaning the need to differentiate your company is imperative for success! Recruitment marketing used to mean writing punchy job adverts and placing them in newspapers. Today, the list of platforms and disciplines is huge and constantly growing, so it is important your brand is visible at every touch point and the message is clear, consistent and effective, providing accurate information.

Your marketing strategies need to be strong to sell your company and jobs effectively to “pull” clients and candidates in. You may offer the best service within the industry, but without marketing your business to the correct audience you will loose valuable prospective clients. Marketing also allows you to build a larger reach and increase awareness of your business success, providing the opportunity to be discovered by new clients.

The recruitment industry is highly competitive with some big players, and marketing allows smaller niche businesses to be successful in such a popular and sizeable marketplace. All organisations have the opportunity to; actively address concerns, to connect, engage and build relationships. To harness these opportunities each brand campaign needs to demonstrate; what it means to work at your company, the business environment, the company values and mission to ensure you acquire talent that match your criteria.

If you are creative with your content, marketing on Social Media can allow you to build a community:

  • Welcome potential clients and candidates to information of what your business has achieved, how employees are succeeding and what plans you have moving forwards
  • Educate candidates, share your knowledge and demonstrate your expertise to entice individuals to engage with your business
  • Use inspiring and entertaining writing to make your posts attractive and engaging to encourage conversation  – this will  improve your reputation, reach and visibility, which will ultimately drive website traffic and engagement

Marketing requires constant monitoring, analysis and updates to be successful. It is important to ask candidates and clients, not only how they heard about the business, but what worked? What influenced them? What and who was helpful? Effective marketing can increase sales and improve your brand reputation dramatically, so it is crucial your company marketing is as effective as possible!

Katrina Whitehead, Marketing & Operations Executive, Foundation Recruitment 

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