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As any new shopping centre begins to take shape, the owner or operator’s mind invariably turns to think about the on site Centre Management team, a small group of people that can have such a big impact on the success or failure of a new destination. These individuals are those responsible for transforming a shell of glass, stone and wood into a living destination which will hopefully become an accepted and valued part of the local area. They are responsible for creating literally millions of first impressions which more than ever before can be shared with an audience the world over within seconds. They are business leaders, they are ambassadors, they are marketers and more importantly they are vital to the commercial performance of the asset.

When it comes to a new launch, we find that we are commonly asked about two different types of Shopping Centre Manager; Local or “Ex – Pat” and the answer usually depends on location. In some of the more established markets in Western Europe when there is a larger candidate pool, it is natural to choose a person with local knowledge, native language skills and recent experience in a relatively nearby centre. In other markets where shopping centre management is a more recent career choice, the answer is often more complicated. Whilst it might still be a preference to recruit locally, the importance of the launch can prompt employers to look further afield for someone with experience in the opening of new schemes. Often if this route is taken, the person will spend a couple of years in the role before moving onto a new project and handing over to someone with local experience. This scenario can often suit both parties, as ex pat Centre Manager’s can command higher salaries and a superior benefits package which can only be supported financially for a limited period of time.

As a specialist property recruitment business with a team dedicated to shopping centre management, we are approached by both of the above types of candidate on a daily basis and our ever increasing network allows us to be confident of successfully assisting with requirements across Europe and further afield.

We know that finding the right people can be challenging, time consuming and frustrating. That is why we dedicate a full team of consultants, engaged on a daily basis by globally recognised developers, owners and managing agents to locate and attract the most talented individuals across the U.K, Europe and further afield. We are also active members of the ICSC and MECSC and sponsor the ICSC Next Generation programme.

If you have a requirement for shopping centre management professionals or alternatively if you are a shopping centre professional searching for a new challenge, please get in touch with Tim Forbes on 00 44 161 457 1309 or

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