Manchester’s Most Wanted

Manchester’s Most Wanted

If you work in the property industry, you are probably aware that Property Managers are currently highly sought after and not easily found!

As a recruitment consultancy we are one of the primary witnesses to this surge in demand and as a specialist Consultant operating within the General Practice arena, I have become adept at sourcing such candidates in the market place.

But why are property managers in such high demand? And why are they are so difficult to find?

High Demand and Low Supply

It is undebatable that the Manchester property market is booming at present! A recent report published by CBRE titled “Core Cities, Core Strengths” highlights the surge in investment within Manchester over the last decade and reveals how the city has attracted significantly more investment than other regional cities including Liverpool and Birmingham, marking an optimistic and positive start to 2016.

As a result, businesses have taken on significantly more instructions and recognised the need to react to this.  Quite often when I have asked clients why they are looking to take on another Management Surveyor, they will simply answer: “Expansion”.

In parallel to this, Management Surveyors are in low supply and there are arguably multiple reasons to explain why this is the case. In my opinion it is a knock on effect of the 2008 economic crash.

It goes without saying that property was one of the hardest hit arenas during the 2008 recession. Recruiting at all levels was not attractive during this time and most specifically ,Graduates were the hardest demographic hit. Evidence provided by RIC’s highlights this shift with significantly fewer students entering APC courses in 2009 than in 2008, with the number of RICs “starters” falling by 15%.

Furthermore, with fewer graduates entering businesses with the scope to achieve MRICs in 2008/2009 there was a lower volume of newly qualified surveyors in 2010/2011. Retrospectively individuals now at the Senior Surveyor level in 2015/2016 are in short supply.

How have we reacted?

As a business we have experienced this shortage in Management Surveyors and have ventured above and beyond to source candidates of the highest calibre in the marketplace. As a result we have successfully placed talented individuals with some of the leading businesses in the North West.

If you are one of the many businesses looking to develop your management team, we are confident of our ability to add genuine value to your recruitment process. If you are a talented Management Surveyor looking to make a move – now is definitely the time to consider it! With the excellent reputation and strong relationships we have developed, we are able to confidently introduce you to the market and successfully assist in finding roles with some of the leading property corporations across the UK.

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