An Insight on Leadership Following the Election & BREXIT

A year since the EU referendum and 2 weeks since the shock results of the election! Through campaigning over recent months, and since the results, there has been a lot of discussion over what makes a good leader. Theresa May and Jeremy Corbyn have been held brightly under the spotlight of late; being analysed in great depth whilst getting criticised and praised by the public for ultimately, their leadership skills.

In the workplace, good leadership is essential for staff morale, business growth and overall development. This can involve; democracy in the workplace, respecting your competition, succeeding for your own merit (gaining new business or being successful at interview for your own skills rather than dragging someone else down) – the list goes on.

In business, you get many Leaders, but you also get Bosses.

They both sound similar and have almost identical definitions in the dictionary:

Boss – A person who is in charge of a worker or organisation.

Leader – The person who leads or commands a group, organisation, or country.

Bosses and Leaders are both managing a group of individuals; however, the qualities they possess are contradictory. There are major differences in how they approach the responsibility of ‘being in charge’ that will affect the success of a business and the happiness of employees.

  • A leader listens, a boss dictates
  • A leader takes on responsibility, a boss distributes
  • A leader plans a process, a boss demands results
  • A leader motivates and trains, a boss intimidates
  • A leader rewards and inspires, a boss takes credit
  • A leader is approachable, a boss is impersonal
  • A leader problem solves, a boss criticises

Good leaders set and communicate clear objectives; create strategies to ensure they are realistic, and work hard to make certain they are achieved.

Leaders embrace change and see challenges as an opportunity; they are highly influential and motivational – offering constant support and guidance.

A leader inspires and creates a positive atmosphere; has happy employees that want to grow with the business equalling in low staff turnover; cost savings, and increasing efficiency and productivity.

Are you a Boss or a Leader?

Kat Whitehead, Senior Marketing Executive, Foundation Recruitment

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