A Day in my Life…… 


Marc Myers


Retail Operation Director, Landsec

Morning Routine:

I am a creature of habit and get up most days at about 05:30 (it hurts to type it!!). I have done this for all my long working career and its hard to break. Depending on where I am working dictates the first half of the morning. The 07:22 into London feature heavily if I am at our Victoria Office. Various trainlines starting at either Waterloo, Kings Cross or Paddington if I happen to be n Portsmouth, Castleford or Street in Somerset the locations of some of the Centres I have operational accountability for at Landsec. Closer to home Braintree Village, one of our three Outlet Shopping Villages makes an easy journey and where I am 09:30 is about the time the day will kick into action with various in person meetings, meeting via Teams. Breakfast is a must in my routine. A bowl of porridge topped with honey tends to get me through to lunchtime.

Workday Highlights:

Every day has a highlight somewhere locked away in it. Just need to find it sometimes. I work with amazing people. My peers, my team and indeed those more senior make it so enjoyable to go to work. Not always been able to say that in a long working career so as I approach what is in realism approaching my career twilight (still a way to go thankfully) it’s a blessing to get up in the morning and do something everyday I love and interact with people who I would count as friends as well as colleagues.  Making the places we operate within better locations for the communities in which we operate is very satisfying. Supporting the team, I lead to unlock their own full potential to make our properties some of the very best in the industry is so satisfying. My job and role is diverse. Its driving sales growth of the brand who operate with us. Its making our destinations safe. Ensuring we operate with best value for our retail brands, best venues for our guests and above all making our place of work an enriching experience for those who work there. I want them all to feel as motivated as I do.

Lunchtime Escape:

Okay, I know I am bad. I don’t make time regularly enough to take a break at lunch. It usually is at a desk whilst I work and catch up on mail. I have been known on a good day to sit in Green Park in London and watch the world go by, probably whilst on a work-related call. I am very lucky that sometimes my job means I get to have a lunch with partners connected to my role. We have amazing London and provincial places to eat, and I try not to lose sight of how fortunate I am to have this opportunity to eat in amazing places as part of my working day

Post-Work Delights:

I just love going home. I love my creature comforts and there really is no place like home. I enjoy cooking and do most of it in my house. My wife is great cook but doesn’t get the enjoyment from it that I do. It’s a great way to unwind. A bit of music (eclectic taste that can be Heavy Rock or Motown Soul) a beer or a G&T in hand and the creation of some good fresh food to sit down with my wife and younger son to enjoy. I have two older children who I regularly catch up with in the evening as they are both with their respective partners living in the own homes. Sport features heavily and I am a season ticket holder at a Premier League Football Club and enjoy going to watch them as well as catch up with friends where pre match food and drink feature heavily!!


 Closing Thoughts:

Focus on what you have and not on what you haven’t. I have spent much to much time in the past not doing so and now I take time to reflect on  all the good moments I know I feel better for it.

Thanks for sharing, Marc!

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