International Market Update

I have been warned by some, that as you move through life, the years start to pass faster and faster. I have never fully believed in this phenomenon, however, after celebrating the 7th birthday of Foundation Recruitment last month, I am starting to believe that there might be some truth to it. So far, 2016 has passed in a blink of an eye and with it has come significant changes in the global political climate.

The shopping center sector continues to demonstrate its incredible, chameleon like ability to adapt to the changing world around us. Advances in technology continue to change the way people do everything – including shopping, a great example is the growth of small format car showrooms within shopping centres (take a look at the new Rockar Jaguar/Land Rover in Westfield Stratford).

From a recruitment perspective, the trends differ across the regions we operate in, however, it is clear that the candidates in demand are those who can offer something different to the norm. Although direct experience within the industry is valued, it is becoming less vital for many employers. Candidates in high demand are those that can utilise their experiences from other sectors and adapt them to bring new ideas and benefits to shopping centres or designer outlets. Those who have had some international exposure are also sought after.

Employers also need to be aware that there is extremely high competition for the best candidates. Whilst that has always been the case to a certain degree, some individuals now have a choice between 2 or 3 job offers. More often than not, the successful organisations are those who are able to react and make decisions quickly. Offering competitive financial packages is still important, but candidates want to join an organisation where they feel valued and with opportunity to progress.

With the constant stream of developments and refurbishments we can see across the industry, it is crucial schemes have the right talent in order to make these investments a success. Many of our clients are already planning their team requirements for 2017 and are sharing this information with us in advance. This way, we can react quickly on their behalf and help them to secure the best individuals available.

If you’re looking to grow your team before Christmas or have recruitment plans for 2017, please get in touch for a confidential conversation. We wish you a prosperous end to 2016 and we thankyou for your continued support of our business.

Tim Forbes, Head of International Mall Management, Foundation Recruitment 


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