Halloween: The Fastest Growing Holiday

The ATCM has reported that Halloween is the fastest-growing retail event in the UK for under 18s, with the majority of 4–6-year olds due to celebrate the holiday this year.

The holiday changes the way children and parents spend time and money. Retailers are seeing the value for money, quality, and health and safety of children’s costumes being key factors when going through the decision-making process. However, it’s not just the younger demographic driving sales, parents are lured to stores to make purchases for their children (which often results in a day out to their local scheme), teenagers are attending parties and looking for new outfits, and it’s becoming increasingly popular for adults to throw or attend a Halloween themed fancy-dress party!

According to Statista, retail expenditure on Halloween products in the UK has increased year on year since 2013, reaching £419 million last year!

As the enthusiasm for Halloween increases, the opportunity to increase sales and host memorable events grows for retailers. And with placemaking becoming a key objective – the opportunity cannot be missed! Halloween provides the perfect platform to piggy-back on a renowned holiday that will resonate with the masses.

  • Scary movie nights are a common strategy to attract higher footfall, but not just for cinemas. We are increasingly seeing bars and other tenants host movie nights to encourage footfall on quieter evenings such as Gran T’s coffee house in Altrincham.
  • Event opportunities to boost footfall such as ‘trick or treat trails’, pumpkin carving, face-painting, fancy-dress and promotions.
  • Commercialisation units with fancy-dress costumes, decorations and Halloween themed merchandise to maximise on consumer’s willingness to spend during the holiday.
  • Decorating the centre, shop windows and creating frames or areas that are ‘instagramable’ or have the ‘wow factor’. Anything that encourages consumers to photograph and share on their personal social channels will boost brand awareness and loyalty.
  • Hosting ‘late-night spooky shopping’ with retailers open later than usual with events, music and Halloween themed discounts/promotions throughout the entire scheme.

According to Global Data, more than 50% of UK consumers spend money for Halloween with the grocery and fashion sectors benefiting most.

Emily Salter, Retail Analyst for Global Data commented: “More consumers bought clothing & costumes, driven by 16-34 year-olds participating in Halloween events where dressing up is encouraged. Additionally, clothing retailers including ASOS and Topshop launched Halloween discounts across their websites on the day of the event, using the occasion as an excuse to drive sales across the board.”

Whether you are taking your child trick or treating, attending a costume party with your friends, decorating the house, carving a pumpkin, stocking up with sweets or hosting an office event, there are plenty of excuses to make a purchase – providing plenty of opportunities for retailers.

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