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Facilities Management was once viewed as a very reactive service; however, it is now an extremely pro-active profession, always looking to improve and advance the offering. The requirements of facilities management teams are expanding, the number of responsibilities coming under their remit is becoming increasingly broader and the developments in technology are equipping professionals with the ability to offer new, innovative ways of working allowing them to have a major impact on an overall asset value.

The IFMA released a report which stated the average age of Facilities Managers is 49 years old. Now, this is not a problem and suggests that the average professional has an impressive amount of experience and knowledge of the sector, however, it is important to have age diversity in a business for future growth. Diversity delivers a team of individuals who carry out intellectual activities differently and can offer unique perspectives – a brilliant way to drive a business forward.

It is no secret that technology is advancing and the skills that millennials hold, having grown up in a world of technology can be extremely valuable. Technology is having a massive effect on Facilities Management with new opportunities available through BMS Systems, IoT, Blockchain, AI, and robotics to name a few – read all about it here.

Generating interest from millennials to seek a career in the sector has been a challenge over previous years, often this has come down to the lack of knowledge and visibility of the opportunities available. However, with the new apprentice levy, the on-going efforts going in to boost awareness of the industry and the sector broadening its offering requiring skillsets from other industries – career opportunities are growing, suggesting interest and awareness should be on the rise.

As a specialist Facilities Management Recruiter, I am alive to the new professionals entering the sector and what the future workforce looks like. Due to the developments of a Facilities Management team’s responsibilities, the evolving demand of skills required and the on-going advancements in technology introducing new, improved ways of working, new routes into the sector have been delivered. We are seeing an increase in demand for candidates with different backgrounds including hospitality, customer facing, and tech, to successfully take on these all-encompassing roles.

The Facilities Management sector is truly becoming an exciting profession with varied career paths. The Facilities Management role in the built environment is becoming increasingly important and their reputation and the recognition for their impact is becoming much more widely publicised and championed. BIFM is pushing for a potential name change to further raise the profile of professionals within the sector, demonstrating the potential impact Facilities Management professionals hold over the future property market.

Facilities Management is an excellent sector to be part of. The growth of responsibilities and the advancements of processes with technology allowing individuals to become truly creative and entrepreneurial with their everyday jobs make an exciting career prospect for anyone aspiring to grow and develop in a role that will give the platform to really make a difference.

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