Is Technology Taking Over FM?

There are numerous emerging technologies in the Facilities and Building Management sector that will have a massive impact on how business is conducted moving forward.

Facilities Management can be a very labour intensive sector, so utilising technology could potentially alleviate the pressure on staff, reduce costs whilst ensuring quality is not affected.

Blockchain is a cloud-based, permanent, distributed digital ledger of activities between parties. This platform can track and record activities such as transfers, HVAC systems, security access, smart parking and asset management. This data will supply information to business owners to assist in decision-making and provides transparency of current activities to ensure a business is operating as effectively and efficiently as possible.

Artificial Intelligence (AI) technology is a development in computer science in which machines work like humans completing cognitive processes. This can include speech recognition and reaction, heat sensing and monitoring, cleaning and waste disposal, and security management, just to name a few. This development will allow a business to manage and implement strategies which are much more efficient. A discussion cropping up across the industry is how far this development will go – will this development lead to buildings becoming self-managing?

With the current population embracing technology in their everyday lives, their expectations of destinations, venues, shopping centres and offices are increasing. AI technology is one of the many technological advances being developed that can be implemented to improve the tenant or consumer experience, and in some cases just meet their growing expectations!

Other developments such as robotics are being introduced thick and fast and all of these technological developments will have an impact on job roles and functions, the environment and the way businesses operate. Robots are being developed to be capable of front house reception, waste disposal, security, catering, the list goes on! Linking technology advancements together will result in an innovative and exciting future!

Choosing which technology is right for an organisation can appear daunting, especially with the options available continuously growing. However, the amount of data readily available will be invaluable in making this decision. A company needs to have an individual, or team of individuals, governing and analysing data on a regular basis. This will allow business owners to mitigate risk and invest in a technology that will truly benefit how a business operates. These new technologies could potentially change business operations drastically, which can be unnerving, but it is important not to have a ‘fear of change’ and quickly implement the right technology into a business. This ensures a businesses performance is up-to-date, keeping up with competitors and will ultimately, advance and improve an organisation’s capabilities.

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