Enticing Quality Candidates

As with any vacant position, it is expected you supply a comprehensive job description so that potential candidates can determine if they will be able to fulfil the role.

With market strength at its peak and demand for high quality candidates increasing, it has also become essential to outline additional information to enable candidates to build a bigger picture, make an informed decision and enter into an effective and long-lasting employment.

Values: Communicating your business values allows candidates to understand your goals and share in this vision. Individuals play a key role in achieving wider business objectives, so it is crucial candidates can envision themselves being part of those plans and determine if they fit.

Culture: It is crucial you paint an accurate and honest picture of the working environment candidates can expect if they join your business. Demonstrate it is a great place to work but also communicate the dynamics so candidates understand if they are aligned with the business. If candidates are relocating, ensure you explain the local culture, religion, exchange rate and political situation.

Team: Candidates will spend a large majority of their time with the people on their team, and these people have a significant influence on happiness at work. Bearing this in mind, it is essential you outline the personalities, work styles and size of their team so they can get a sense of the dynamics. It also helps to provide an organogram so candidates understand the reporting line and how the business operates.

Leadership: Explaining the management style within the organisation will ensure both parties understand if they will work together effectively or create friction. It is important to understand an individual’s learning style and ensure they will be able to accept and implement feedback.

Industry: Name drop! Share notable client names to help candidates build their understanding of the types of companies they will work with and build your company’s credibility. Success stories, case studies and testimonials are not only useful when building new business…

Progression: Ensure candidates understand the training opportunities and progression available for them within the business. You want candidates to see the role as a long-lasting partnership and envision themselves moving up in the ranks and being part of the long-term success.

Shaunagh Durkin, Consultant, Foundation Recruitment

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