How do your employees represent your brand?

Current employees have the opportunity to be brand ambassadors. It has been proven that employee generated content has twice as much engagement from active candidates than company created documentation.

Current employees can share realistic, authentic content such as day to day activities, skills learned and different career paths. This is usually in job descriptions and explained by the employer at an interview, but coming from employees has been found to be much more effective and credible.

Since employees have such a strong influence on potential candidates, it is important they enhance your reputation by communicating your mission statement and culture accurately and positively. Ideally, you want future candidates to aspire to work for your company and current employees to never want to leave.

Customer facing employees have a direct influence on how clients perceive your brand – their tone and conversation about the company can directly influence the decision maker when choosing to use your service. It is critical employers communicate the company brand promises to their employees so they can reflect this confidently and successfully to potential clients.

Disgruntled employees have more platforms than ever before to broadcast their opinion which can give a negative inside view of the company. Alternatively, these platforms can be an opportunity to create a desire to work with and for the organisation and encourage applications. This can be done through the communication and sharing of; company success, praise, incentives, and events. Create a positive buzz in the office and encourage employees to share this online. If you include employees’ success in your company posts, videos, and photos, it increases the likelihood of them proactively sharing this and ultimately being brand ambassadors.

Your employees are your firm’s best advocates; give them rewards to boast about, have a positive culture and strong leadership!

Katrina Whitehead, Senior Marketing Executive, Foundation Recruitment 

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