Content is Key

Content marketing has been a big trend over the last year, and is expected to grow even more through 2016, Click here to see more. Content marketing is not about direct selling, but about consumer engagement. It allows you to create sharable value, by using industry news, your sector knowledge and pushing your brand message. This demonstrates your expertise and credibility in the sector, which can dramatically increase inbound website traffic.

Content marketing allows you to give people an insight into your company and understand more about your culture, expertise and activity. It is also a great way to improve brand image and generate leads. If you’re transparent and engaging with your work, it will encourage industry players to share the content with their connections. This will give your company positive promotion, enabling your business to attract and retain quality prospects.

( 2016 Recruitment Guide to LinkedIn)

The success of content marketing is fundamentally down to understanding your audience, prospects and influencers. It is important to research the market and the focus of your article, using statistics to connect with people’s interests and retain their attention.

SEO is highly linked to content marketing. Using a blog and adding relevant, new content to your website demonstrates to Google you are active, increasing your SEO. You can also use Google Analytics to monitor popular keywords and observe which keywords are driving the most traffic to your website – make sure you utilise these in your content! Introducing links to other websites and images will also help your SEO so it is important to link your articles with relevant pages online.

Content Marketing can drive profitable consumer behaviour so it is important to implement this into your marketing strategy for 2016.

Katrina Whitehead, Marketing & Operations Executive, Foundation Recruitment 

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