Black Friday 2018

Black Friday is set to take place this Friday (23rd November) and although officially a one-day event, it seems the offers and campaigns are already in full swing for many brands! The retail industry has experienced a challenging year and Black Friday – one of the biggest shopping days of the year – is a fantastic opportunity to drive sales and footfall and really maximise consumer’s willingness to spend!

Consumers are notorious for their spending frenzies as stores slash their prices and this year, almost double the amount of Brits are planning to spend. Last year, 36% of adults took part in Black Friday but this year, 62% are planning to shop with total sales expected to reach £7 billion!

Centre Managers and Shopping Centre teams have spent recent weeks gearing up for the event as it generally marks the start of Christmas shopping. A lot of Centres have announced they’ve acquired extra staff to ensure the weekend can run smoothly, facilities are managed effectively, and consumers can enjoy the shopping experience.

Marketing teams have been driving campaigns to raise awareness of the upcoming discounts to encourage high footfall and fully capitalise on the day’s extraordinary spending reputation!

Black Friday seems to have turned into a two-week long event with different offers and promotions being released throughout the period. The race is on for shoppers to snap up those discounted deals at cut-rate promotion prices and we’ll see shopping centres strive to achieve record-breaking sales figures.

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