World FM Day 2019

The purpose of ‘World FM day’ is to applaud the successes within the sector, discuss trends or potential challenges arising, celebrate developments and raise the profile of professionals and the impact they have on organisations economic and social improvements globally.

This year’s theme is celebrating global ISO FM Standards, which acknowledges the milestone of creating the ISO 41000 series of Standards and Technical Report focussed on the global FM industry.

“Developing ISO Standards is a massive game changer for our industry,” said Duncan Waddell, Chairman of Global FM. “These standards represent a significant step forward in the standardisation of FM management professional practices internationally.”

The series has been created so that all organisations, in any country, have a firm foundation – creating consistency of service and a way of creating a competitive advantage. The development of these standards demonstrates the growing discipline and progression of the industry, which will in-turn, raise the reputation and value of service delivered.

In addition to the standards, the IWFM has a campaign running to inspire the next generation to pursue a career in Facilities Management. The pilot phase of IWFM’s ‘career of choice’ campaign is being developed to address the growing skill gap and raise awareness of the opportunities available and impact an individual can have on businesses worldwide.

The initiatives being seen are a fantastic demonstration of the sector’s commitment to continuous assessment and improvement, ensuring businesses are reaching the highest levels of efficiency. It is inspiring to see the amount of support to grow and develop the industry further and driving awareness of the professional’s successes within it!

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