World FM Day 2018

On Wednesday we celebrated world FM day, a day in which we shine a spotlight on the ever-growing role of the facilities management profession. The theme this year was the same as 2017: Enabling positive experiences, an extremely topical trend which is holding increasing importance as time goes on.

It has been a widely discussed topic of late that the facilities management sector and responsibilities are growing. The impact FM professionals have on the built environment directly affects a number of industries and more recently, the impact they have on the end customer/tenant experience has really come into light – especially in the workplace.

The Global FM Award for Excellence in Facility Management 2018 has been awarded to Johnson & Johnson for its 2020 Workplace Experience Strategy. The entries were judged on innovation, advancement of FM, corporate outcomes, contribution to FM worldwide and leadership in FM operations. The strategy Johnson & Johnson implemented truly demonstrates the theme ‘enabling positive experiences’ and supports the current topic of the workplace having a direct impact on employee’s performance and productivity.

To support the impact facilities management professionals have on the workplace, BIFM (British Institute of Facilities Management) have proposed a potential name change to become IWFM (Institute of Workplace and Facilities Management). This name change has been suggested to raise awareness and establish facilities management as a chartered profession. With the developments in the workplace and the changing needs of tenants, the facilities management sector has a real opportunity to play an integral role in delivering ‘the future workplace’. Read more here.

World FM Day is a great initiative introduced by Global FM – it offers an opportunity to recognise the vital work professionals within the facilities management industry contribute to the built environment. The day entices knowledge sharing, rewards and recognition, allowing individuals to grow and celebrate successes!

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