Why Work in Property Recruitment?

What’s the benefit of working in property recruitment?

The property recruitment market is an extremely exciting sector to work in. The market is diverse and there is such a wide variety of roles on offer. The property market is strong and demand for talent high. From a recruiters perspective, this means that fee potential is attractive which of course goes hand in hand with bonus potential! Another great thing about property recruitment, particular in the Shopping Centre Management sector is that the candidates are so engaging, experienced and ambitious, making the candidate generation and the ‘sell’ of candidates to clients much more interesting, across the whole of the UK AND internationally!

The way our business has grown has been driven by the market; we initially started in real estate (Our Founder’s professional background), which has led us onto a natural progression in shopping centres, aviation, marketing, facilities management, venues, BIDs – the list goes on and the opportunity for further diversification is clear.

What does BREXIT mean?

We are aware that there are various news articles and reports which may perceive the property market as ‘risky’ or heading for a tough time ahead following BREXIT which may cause concern. However, Foundation Recruitment was set up in 2009, in the midst of the recession and we have managed to grow year on year within both domestic and international markets, so BREXIT does not faze us!

To give you an insight of the market’s current strength following the ‘worry’ of BREXIT, we can confirm the last two months of 2016 were the best two months Foundation Recruitment has ever experienced since the business started! These months have been beaten this year which resulted in Q1 being a record-breaking quarter,  quickly beaten by Q2!

BREXIT is a mere challenge that makes the sector even more interesting and has actually had numerous positive impacts including a surge of foreign investments from international investors and smaller players have become much more acquisitive!

What can you expect as a new recruiter?

Joining Foundation Recruitment allows you to carry the company brand image, which is highly recognised in the market as a specialist. The property sector is close-knit, which works in our favour as we do carry such a strong reputation which is highly recommended – we find ourselves receiving an exceptional amount of repeat and referred business. Anyone considering joining the sector needs to be confident in building strong relationships as many clients have the potential, if managed carefully, to be extremely long-lasting.

In our sector, combined with the way we work, you will not need lots of clients to be successful. You will be encouraged to develop deep and long-lasting relationships with a relative handful of clients who will ultimately begin to rely on you for their recruitment solutions. We spend a great deal of time training and investing in our Consultants to become specialists in their specific market. We place you on a team which we feel you will thrive in so you can become a true specialist in your niche arena. We’re not saying it will be easy, it’s a challenge that you have to be ready for, but if you are, the rewards can be substantial!

What’s the future of the property industry?

In truth, the future prediction of the industry is uncertain and can’t be foretold. However, the current developments that are occurring throughout the industry are showing confidence; you may have noticed yourself, it is hard to walk through a major city without seeing a crane or a development under construction! The sheer volume of inbound investment we can see coming through and the size of plans that are being proposed – and more importantly approved – are showing an extremely buoyant and lucrative future.

We have opportunities in both our Manchester and London offices, for more information please contact our Founder Managing Director, Julian Long on +44(0)161 694 9716 or email julian.long@foundationrecruitment.com

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