Why Hire Millennials?

Generation Y, also known as “Millennials” are the demographic following Generation X, generally referencing those born in the 1980s to the early 2000s.

While it is important not to generalise too much, millennials as a whole possess characteristics and motivations that differ significantly from earlier generations. We’re unlike any other – also known as the most intriguing, tech-savvy and complex generation of today’s workplace and on the precipice of really mattering, in economic terms.

Millennials view work as a key part of life but make a strong emphasis on finding a job that’s personally fulfilling.  We grew up in an electronics-filled and increasingly online and socially-networked world and are the generation that has received the most marketing attention, being exposed to ethical diversity, tending to be tolerant of difference.

Having been raised under the mantra “follow your dreams” and being told we were special, we tend to be confident and this edge sets us up for success on our jobs and in life in general.

But, why should your business hire millennials?

These are some of our characteristics:

  1. Fresh perspective: The great thing about millennials is that we bring fresh ideas and fresh perspectives to your workplace. A new generation means a new way of thinking!
  2. We are tech-savvy: We grew up with technology and have no problems with electronic devices. Our fingers were made for smartphones so whether that’s texting appointment reminders or answering emails – we are fast and efficient!
  3. We believe in learning from someone’s experience: Training is key for the millennial workforce because we are essentially a blank slate. We don’t have old, bad habits like more experienced employees might and are ready to learn and follow your businesses way of working.
  4. Cost effective:  We are young, inexperienced and with the job market being so competitive, we are a great affordable hire. If you are willing to invest time in training we can become invaluable assets to your business.
  5. Learn Quick: Graduates especially have been in education for a long period and therefore are used to constantly taking on new information.
  6. Driven: There are numerous surveys that have been done which show millennials are extremely driven by career progression and development which shows their willingness to give 100% from day one.

Millennials are a great generation and very active in the job market. They may look like ‘job hoppers’, but that isn’t down to their lack of commitment, it is often down to their drive to progress and grow in the business world. They are often hard workers, quick learners and extremely driven; hiring millennials is a great opportunity to get a fresh perspective and grow your business at a low cost. If you manage them effectively, they will thrive and really make a difference in your organisation.

Isabel Ruiz Halter, International Shopping Center Management Consultant, Foundation Recruitment

Foundation Recruitment - London

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