What more can Facilities Managers do?

It has become an integral part of Facilities Management to create a positive tenant experience and to consistently research new ways/areas to improve this.

When tenants are looking to lease space – along with cost – the level of service and experience available is a key factor when making this decision.

When it comes to offices, the demand for a quality and premium environment are high on the agenda. The length of time spent in the workplace, the changing working habits, along with the importance of health and wellness rising, are increasingly placing new challenges onto Facilities Management teams to provide environments that support these factors.

Things that can be integrated are:

  • Quiet spaces where employees can take a break, have a personal call or work in silence.
  • Software which tenants can engage with.
  • Technology which enhances the team’s performance such as BIM, Blockchain and AI – innovating current strategies, resulting in an improved offering to tenants.
  • Supporting a diverse tenant mix which provides on-site amenities such as a gym or restaurant, to improve convenience and health and wellness.
  • Utilising natural light, well maintained heating, ventilation and air conditioning, and non-polluting cleaning equipment to improve the wellness offering.
  • Train staff on customer service and communication skills so they can interact and build quality relationships with tenants.

Facilities Management is no longer just about physical space.

Technology is advancing rapidly and transforming how buildings are managed in the background. However, there are also plenty of new tenant facing platforms to advance experiences, some examples include:

  • Investing in software that automates energy such as heating and lighting, to allow tenants to have a more sustainable business and uphold their environmental responsibilities.
  • Tenant apps are being developed as a platform to source information and be updated of upcoming events, promotions, new commercial units, maintenance or changes within the building.
  • Apps are also being developed as a way for tenants to quickly and conveniently make a request or report an issue.
  • Electric signage or kiosks which offer directions, allow tenants to book a conference room or for tenants to use with their guests such as check-in or directing them to the correct floor/office.
  • Heightening security – not just physical, but for cyber-threats. Buildings are now investing in IT experts that can assess the security of the wi-fi to ensure the tenant’s business safety.

Facilities Management teams are responsible for building a community. 

The building management team may not be able to contribute to the tenant’s choice of employees and office workers, but they can create a culture within the building through holding events, creating social spaces and utilising technology.

With an average of 40 hours a week spent in the office, it’s important tenants not only appreciate the physical environment, but they enjoy the culture within the building. There has been an abundance of studies completed which suggest having a strong culture and social events support in creating team chemistry, positivity and a sense of value, therefore, holding events within the building is a great USP in attracting and retaining tenants. A fantastic example of this is WeWork: WeWork regularly holds social events for their tenants to create a real sense of community and an enjoyable atmosphere to work.

Facilities Management teams are gaining an increasing number of responsibilities and having a significant impact on the overall asset value – looking forward to watching this develop further this year! 

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