Successful Social Recruiting


Before you start you need to do your research. Make sure you understand each different channel and what tone you should be taking, keeping the same principles, and sending the same message throughout. Secondly, create goals. Understand what it is you want to achieve from using Social Media so you can monitor your success. Thirdly, organise your time. It is essential you assign time in the diary to post, engage and monitor your Social Media accounts. 89% of the population are active on social media, and it is accessed 24/7 so it is crucial your activity is constant!

Build Your Brand

Use Social Platforms to build relationships, they are often referred to as networks, but if you build a community they will be much more effective. Use them to build your company, and your personal brand. Create events, write blogs, comment and engage with your own and your connections posts. Follow key influencers in your market, share news, demonstrate you are an expert in your area. By doing this you are marketing yourself and your brand, giving you more chance of being recognised by new clients.

Relevant Content

Make sure you are posting relevant content. Take time to establish the market you want to be targeting, this will make sure your posts are engaging and entice conversation – Creating a community! A lot of recruitment companies only post jobs; this will not show your personality or build your brand. It is important to provide opportunities, but have a balance; only post opportunities that are relevant and necessary.

Remember – Social Media sites are not where candidates go looking for jobs! But, if you successfully engage and build rapport; when they are looking, they will come too you.

Give Away Knowledge

Don’t be afraid to share knowledge. Show off your expertise and tell stories, this will really engage with your connections. Demonstrating your understanding and giving away information about your sector will impress future candidates and clients. It is common for individuals to use social networks to research people after first meetings or phone calls. You need to ensure they can find evidence of your skills to support your introduction.

Grow Your Reach

Do not limit your network to individuals you want to speak to now or in the near future. Think long term; those inexperienced presently, could be a potential client in the future, those not looking for a job now, might be soon and those not recruiting will be at some point! Use Social Media to stay at the front of people’s minds. Also your connections may know someone who may need your services. Never underestimate the power of word-of-mouth.


Finally, make sure you measure your data. Set metrics so you can adapt and develop your strategy going forwards.

For more information on Why Social Recruiting Beats Traditional Recruiting, see HR Software’s recent blog here.

Katrina Whitehead, Marketing & Operations Executive, Foundation Recruitment 

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