Should You Relocate For a Role?

I always wanted to live abroad and experience the exciting new lifestyle that a city like London can offer. I decided to come here to start a new professional challenge not only because this City is (and hopefully remains) the world’s leading centre for international businesses but also due to the variety of activities available to you. Experiencing culture change will shape your personality, expand your circle of friends – including people from all over the world – and teach you valuable lessons.

Why do people relocate for a role? …The reasons are vast and wide!

Booming markets

In certain locations, particular markets will be having an abundance of growth in comparison to other places which may be going through a slow period. This can be a great reason to relocate for a role. If you’re looking to grow and develop, some roles demand you to be where the market is thriving in order to progress your career at the speed you’re endeavouring for.

Rare opportunities

The opportunity to move and live abroad with the knowledge you have a career doesn’t come around often – you can be confident on arrival you are secure and can start the next chapter of your life comfortably.

When turning down these life-changing opportunities, it can lead to a lot of, ‘what if’ thoughts. So to help you eliminate doubts or fears, a lot of companies will also offer a ‘safety net’ – guaranteeing you a role if you choose to return, making it much easier to throw yourself into the opportunity at hand.

Economic benefits

What are the currency and exchange rates? Research; tax, inflation and interest rates etc. – it is important to thoroughly understand the countries economic position, predicted growth and previous performance. Could this role be an opportunity to massively increase your earnings?


Often, these opportunities offer a leap in career progression with great growth prospects which aren’t available in the current location. If you are a career driven individual, looking to progress quickly this could be a great opening to fast-track you to the position you’re striving for!

Exciting new lifestyle

This new country may offer a new experience. What USPs does the new location offer that your current location can’t? Moving abroad doesn’t need to be a permanent transfer; many people move for a year or two, enjoy the experience of another culture and see it as an adventure, before returning home to their home country.

Expand your knowledge

Moving to a different company is an opportunity to learn about a new business structure and really expand your skill-set. Moving to a new location allows you to witness and a whole new culture and different procedures. Re-locating offers so many opportunities to widen your knowledge in work and in your private life!

Whatever path you choose in life, I encourage you to leave your comfort zone and embark on that journey you were always thinking of – this is an experience that will only come once in your lifetime!

Isabel Ruiz Halter, Consultant, International Shopping Centers, Foundation Recruitment

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