How To Pick The Perfect Pumpkin

Happy Halloween!

Don’t get tricked into hiring the wrong candidate for the role!

Here are a few points to consider to ensure you hire the right candidate for the right position…

Look at the individual!

Don’t just rely on CV’s and cover letters to make a decision. Find out more – look at social media, learn their hobbies, goals, achievements etc. it is important to understand whether the candidate will thrive in the company culture.


Remember skills can be learned, attitude can’t. Look at their experience, achievements and awards.

Do a behavioural questionnaire/psychometric.

These tests can be extremely helpful, and from my experience, the results can be shockingly accurate! It is really important to check candidates contain the personality traits needed to succeed in the role.

How much effort have they put into the application process?

Consider how much research they have done. Did they follow up after sending their CV with a call or an email? How tailored was their application? Did they arrive prompt and smart?

Let then candidate interview you.

This is a great way to see how inquisitive they are. Additionally, it is really important you make a good match; they need to want the job as much as you want them to join! You don’t want the cost of the recruitment process again in a month’s time.

Consider other employees.

You need to decide whether they will fit into the company culture.

Are they a team player?

What experience have they had working in a team? What role do they naturally take?

Do they listen?

Listening is a skill needed for any role. You need to be confident your next employee can take direction. In the interview think about how focused their answers are to your questions. Also, listen to their questions, are they relating it to something you have said, or are they asking something you have already told them?

Are they enthusiastic and willing?

When they have left the interview, reflect on how passionate and energetic they came across about the role!

Katrina Whitehead, Marketing & Operations Executive, Foundation Recruitment 

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