Creating an Effective CV

The importance of a well-constructed CV cannot be underestimated. The competition for roles at all levels continues to be high and so it is essential that your CV is sharp, engaging and polished. Crucially, make sure it is an accurate and true reflection of your career and achievements to date. Over embellishment or career history distortion is to be avoided at all costs! Referencing will ultimately expose any anomalies and raise serious questions and doubts about your suitability with a client.

As a company, we are widely recognised by our clients for our consistently low output of CVs against a high proportion of first interviews. This means we are highly accurate in both our skills and culture matching against each specific requirement. We know our clients, very well.

To help us increase your chances of securing an interview, create a strong CV and take the time to speak openly and honestly with our team. The more we know you, the better job we can do in representing you. You might be surprised by how much detail we are often expected to go into with our clients in support of a CV, in order to engineer interviews for candidates.