National Inclusion Week

National Inclusion week is an opportunity to raise awareness of inclusion in the workplace. Having an inclusive and diverse culture encourages creativity and innovation, engages employees with business objectives and generates new ideas.

As a business, we are extremely passionate about diversity and inclusion. We are proud members of the ENEI (the Employers Network for Equality & Inclusion), which gives us quality, practical advice to ensure we are up-to-date with the latest news and initiatives, delivering the support needed to achieve our business inclusion objectives which include:

  • Improve/Advance the representation of women in the real estate market.
  • Bring/Attract new/more talent to our sectors, matching the right skills and culture fit to roles and clients without judgement/bias.
  • Build and develop leaders who recognise and believe in the importance of inclusion and diversity, who can lead, manage and on-board effectively. Not just internally, but for our clients as well.

We are determined to create and influence a diverse and inclusive culture. We understand this brings new perspectives, improves talent retention, develops exceptional leaders and drives talent and skills to a business. Click here to read our full Equality and Inclusion Statement.

An inclusion strategy is vital to maintain a successful business and maximise the talent of your employees. We have a 57% female leadership team, a multi-national work-force and a true passion to eliminate discrimination. We have an open office and encourage all employees to bring and share new ideas, discuss challenges, praise peers and fully support one another in reaching their goals.

Due to our commitment to inclusion and equality, we have gained a true appreciation for different cultures and custom on an international scale. We are confident we can continue to make a difference in our specialist sectors and truly influence the future workforce!

What are you doing to support inclusion in your workplace?

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