London’s Most Wanted

The city of London is expanding – there are cranes around every corner, new developments under construction and expansions and refurbishments to existing assets underway across the city. As the real estate market evolves, we are seeing an increase in property value which is leading to increased expectations from tenants, ultimately, raising the bar for facilities managers.

The demand for well-rounded, quality talent within the facilities management industry is rapidly increasing, especially within the managing agent sector.

Managing agents take the responsibility away from landlords and allow them to focus on their own business interests without being bogged down in the day to day management of properties. Managing agents oversee the service providers and ensure they complete services to agreed terms. We have noticed there are fewer client-side job vacancies in the marketplace, this is because most client-side companies may only employ a few people to oversee facilities management. Managing agents on the other hand, have an abundance of properties to oversee and are expanding constantly… hence the increased demand for talent!

Managing agents offer a brilliant service for owners, but with it comes responsibility, they need to ensure they:

  • Protect investments – by overseeing the smooth day to day running of properties, more tenants will be retained and new tenants will be drawn to the building which will increase the value of the property. Having manging agents oversee planned and reactive maintenance means buildings don’t fall into disrepair – retaining the building’s value.
  • Minimise disruptions – managing agents can coordinate with all stakeholders to ensure that no disruptions are caused to the properties.
  • Add value – facilities management positions are becoming much more ambassadorial and client facing which can significantly add to the tenant experience. They can also utilise and embed new technologies to improve the running of an overall asset. Facilities Managers can increase the desire to prospective tenants which subsequently increases the value of the building, either for rent or for sale.
  • Address environmental challenges – managing agents like to keep up to date with sector changes and are quick to react to environmental challenges!
  • Utilise the latest technologies – technology can help reduce costs which streamlines services and ensures cost savings while maximising the efficiency of the buildings.

Due to the increase in expectations, managing agents are looking for talent to support clients to ensure the assets continue to grow in value and meet tenants growing expectations.

We are working with leading managing agents in London who have some truly exciting positions which deliver full exposure, budget management, autonomy and the responsibility to make decisions. These roles offer brilliant career opportunities for personal development and growth as well as making a serious impact on the built environment!

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