The Importance of Training

At the Social Recruitln event I attended at the start of the month, James Caan put a big focus on training. James highlighted how the recruitment industry is famous for ignoring training their staff. To demonstrate the strength of his opinion, he will be launching his “Recruitment Training App” at the start of 2016. Click here  to read all about it!

I cannot stress enough, the importance of constantly developing your staff if you want to stay ahead of your competition! There are more than 10,000 recruitment companies in the UK so you cannot afford to be left behind.

Yesterday I attended “Absolutely Sales” training, held by Denise Walker from “Absolutely Business”. It was a brilliant day, really engaging with some excellent tips.

So many recruitment companies make the same mistake by not thinking about influencing the buyer, and leap right to a hard ‘pushy’ sell. This is because they are not going through the different levels of influence in their conversation, consequently failing to build a quality relationship. There is no point trying to sell something before you know the buyers needs, wants, desires and issues.

We covered so much over the day including; leads you should target, question types, language, different selling techniques and objection handling. I can safely say we were all extremely tired at the end of the day!

The group that took part in the training has come into the office today with a fresh new attitude. They are exceptionally motivated to get on the phones and test their new skills! This shows training doesn’t only equip consultants with knowledge, but also gives them a boost of energy which has been extremely contagious in the office.

My main take away from the day was, to take your time when speaking to clients. Remember the person on the other end of the phone is a human being; have a natural conversation, ask questions to gain a deeper knowledge, and BE EMPATHETIC! Do not try and rush to your pitch, it won’t work and you won’t differentiate yourself.

Follow Absolutely Sales to learn more about the course!

Katrina Whitehead – Marketing & Operations Executive, Foundation Recruitment 

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