The Importance of Social Media in Recruitment

If you take a look at recruitment in a traditional sense, its definition has completely transformed in just the last decade. What used to be simply filling an open role has evolved into a complete data-driven, professional networking and strategic line of work that creates real changes in a business.

Recruiting with social networking sites is fast becoming a way of life. Since the beginning of the social media era, our world revolves around posts or tweets and communication has become extremely convenient, quick and effective.

Social recruitment is a must have for any successful recruitment strategy as it will help you to take advantage of the global marketplace. This type of recruitment is about engaging with users and using social media tools to source and recruit the best talent.

LinkedIn and other social networking sites will play a key role in your recruitment strategy, but what can you do to grasp the importance and versatility of social recruiting?

  1. Be specific: use social media to present your company culture and specialism. Reaching the wrong audience is just as easy as reaching the right one and it all depends on the type of content you publish.
  2. Be authentic: show your genuine values, interests and communication style. Being honest in your branding will drive targeted traffic, focusing on quality and not quantity. Also, your Social Media presence should keep customer relationships in mind as this will create a mental image of your company’s values.
  3. Be proactive: start building relationships before professionals start actively searching for jobs. This way, when they are ready to look for other positions you will already be on their radar.
  4. Be clear: you can use social media to advertise jobs and reach potential candidates, the clearer your ads are, the better your responses will be. The AIDA Model (Attention, Interest, Desire, Action) will help you when writing the best job advertisements: 1) they must first attract attention from the right job seekers 2) attract a good degree of interest from the right people and 3) create a desire in the job seeker to pursue the role. One final step that all recruiters need to adopt is to ensure that there is a very clear call to action at the bottom of the advertisement.

Technology and social media networking sites are an opportunity that should be embraced. They are an additional tool to aid recruiters and job seekers to find the job that suits them.

At Foundation Recruitment we use social media channels to immerse ourselves in our specialist markets, sharing relevant news, writing pertinent content and engaging in discussions with current and potential candidates and clients. We have created high achievers groups for each specific sector so we can really target content that will interest and engage with the individuals that are members.

If you would like to join our High Achievers in Real Estate Spain & Portugal Group and be kept up to date with all the latest job opportunities, news and discussions on the latest market trends click here.

Isabel Ruiz Halter, International Consultant, Foundation Recruitment

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