Foundation Recruitment Ranks #1 For Talent Inclusion and Diversity


International real estate and placemaking recruitment agency outperforms other recruiters in the Talent Inclusion & Diversity Evaluation (TIDE) Report

London, 22nd October 2021: Foundation Recruitment has ranked first amongst recruitment agency organisations in the Employers Network for Equality and Inclusion (enei) annual Talent Inclusion & Diversity Evaluation (TIDE) Report. The evaluation and benchmarking tool measures an organisation’s approach and progress on diversity and inclusion (D&I) across eight key areas including workforce, strategic planning, leadership, recruitment, training/development, employment practices, communication and procurement.

With two-thirds (64%) of recruitment agencies having an imbalance of female leaders at board level and 30% of these with a board comprised of fewer than 5% women, more needs to be done. Diversity and inclusion in recruitment, including representation of people of other minority statuses needs to be prioritised if the industry is going to represent the candidates and businesses that it serves.

“D&I is more than a vision or mission statement”, says Ghislaine West, Operations Manager at Foundation Recruitment. “To be effective it needs to be embedded across the organisation and consciously considered in every interaction, every day.

“We’re proud that our female representation is 3:1 amongst our senior and executive management team, a milestone that’s been achieved as a result of developing and promoting talent whilst also supporting our employees in managing personal and family commitments”, added Ghislaine.

The TIDE Report considers 210 factors in determining its rankings, with Foundation Recruitment receiving top marks in six of the eight categories. With an overall score of 84%, the agency received perfect scores across several key areas including:

  • Developing a strategy to encourage diversity in recruitment including enhancing the selection process and reducing bias
  • Monitoring multiple categories of diversity, including data on employee attraction and attrition
  • Increasing diversity amongst the Senior Executive team and wider workforce
  • Establishing, reviewing, enhancing, improving and communicating EDI strategies and plans
  • Establishing a multi-departmental/discipline EDI steering group with a formal agenda and performance objectives

“Employees are paramount in achieving business goals – and we have big ambitions”, said Ghislaine. It’s important for us to attract people with a wider range of backgrounds and attitudes. To ignore this wealth of talent would be damaging to both the future of our business and that of our clients’.”

Foundation Recruitment offers the following recommendations for recruitment agencies looking to enhance diversity & inclusion within their business:

  • Collect, analyse and enhance: From candidate applications to one’s own internal onboarding, it’s critical to collect and analyse data and feedback, with an unwavering focus on process improvement
  • Make diversity part of your acquisition strategy: Whether it’s using inclusive language in job postings or advertising in places to acquire a more diverse applicant pool, diversity should be a key consideration in candidate recruitment
  • Walk your talk: If you’re going to champion diversity amongst your clients, it’s important you live it within your own agency, and that includes reward and recognition schemes as well as traditions that may not align with fully inclusive practices
  • Reduce unconscious bias: Withhold candidate details to ensure clients are not making conscious or unconscious decisions based on personal characteristics
  • Communicate to the 3Cs: Whether to your consultants, candidates or clients, communicate your policies and programmes as well as your rationale to embrace to create a dialogue and culture of inclusion

About Foundation Recruitment

Foundation Recruitment specialises in real estate and placemaking with the aim to make recruitment effortless through real conversations, real opportunities and real impact. We deliver real people and real assets that enable opportunity – whether that’s helping someone develop their career or a business lay the foundation from which to grow.

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