Didn’t get the job? What to do next…

When being unsuccessful with a job application or interview it can feel discouraging, but instead of wallowing and losing hope, remember there are many things to consider, learn from and improve upon.

Firstly, it is important to understand the job market is fiercely competitive so remember you are not alone. Often there is just 1 role and 5 candidates being interviewed (that’s after they have whittled it down from X amount of CV’s), so if you have been invited for an interview that’s an achievement in itself.

Due to the competitive nature of recruiting, it is imperative to keep your net wide when job hunting. Apply for multiple opportunities and keep searching, it is important to know what’s out there and not keep all your hopes on one role. This not only gives you a better chance of landing a new job but also allows you to gain interview experience; learn about other companies and roles; and enables you to make a thoroughly informed decision when being offered a role, being confident that the company, role and employer are right for you.

Reflect on the interview and be honest with yourself. Did you fully prepare? Did you research the role and company in depth? Did you spend time before the interview thinking of examples of your relevant experience? It is important to diligently prepare for interviews, and if you have left thinking you could have done better, or you wish you had done more research, don’t beat yourself up – see it as a learning curve for next time.

Look at the roles you are applying for, do you have the skills they are looking for or do you need more experience? Alternatively, consider if you are too senior for the role and if you may be out of the employers’ budget. If you think you have got the right level of experience, maybe consider your performance and presentation, did the nerves get the better of you? Could you benefit from some interview training? Whatever it may be, reflect and learn from it when looking for your next position.

Along with reflecting, it is invaluable to ask for feedback to make sure you fully understand why you weren’t successful. You may feel you are letting yourself down in one area when really it’s another. When you receive feedback; make sure you are constructive with it and don’t let it dent your confidence, receiving feedback gives you a much higher chance of being successful in your next interview.

Finally, be resilient. It is so important to keep motivated and positive – there will be a role out there for you, so use any unsuccessful interviews as support to make your next one count!

Kat Whitehead, Marketing Executive, Foundation Recruitment 

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