Counter-Terrorism and Facilities Management

Security is always integral in ensuring the safety of the public, particularly within venues, corporate spaces, key landmarks and high footfall destinations. With the unfortunate growth of terrorist threats over the last 10 years, security personnel need to be highly alert, thoroughly trained on emergency procedures, and aware of new initiatives, threats and opportunities on an international scale, more than ever before.

Counter-terrorism is playing a growing role for individuals within the facilities management sector, so upskilling and developing these teams cannot be overlooked. The technological, economic and political landscapes (among others), present an ever-changing range of threats, meaning security professionals cannot afford to be complacent with current systems and procedures if they want to be effective. The good news is, there’s plenty of opportunities to expand and enhance the knowledge of professionals in the industry, ensuring they are equipped to handle any event.

The government have introduced an overabundance of training courses to ensure the information is readily available.

Project Griffin, or its new name ACT Awareness, is a national counter-terrorism awareness initiative to help protect cities and communities from the threat of terrorism by supporting security to better understand, and mitigate against, current terrorist methodology. The eLearning product covers a wide range of information which proves invaluable in preparing, identifying and responding to a diverse manner of attacks – worth investing in if you’re a business or an individual looking to progress in the market!

In addition to upskilling professionals with new procedures and methodologies, the personal skills required for vacancies are advancing:

  • Individuals operating within this sector need to be extremely vigilant with a fantastic eye for detail.
  • Excellent communication skills to explain new procedures and developments clearly and succinctly to all staff within the building, tenants and guests in the event of a crisis.
  • Customer service skills are becoming increasingly sought after as ‘experiential’ and ’placemaking’ trends rise and security becomes more visible within destinations.

The response from the recent attacks and the heightened UK threat level has been fantastic. Police have bolstered venue security nationwide, venues are investing in additional staff, new procedures and additional training to ensure their on-site team are prepared for any event. The developments and advancements are much more visible and accessible to the public, tenants and guests, to ensure they feel comfortable and safe in any space. If there is a feeling of fear, destinations will fail to drive footfall and the asset will massively decrease in value.

Security is a critical part of managing property and with an increase in threats from home-grown and overseas terrorists, ensuring the safety of assets, the public and occupants, is essential in retaining businesses, visitors and subsequently cashflow.

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