BREXIT has been Triggered!

Theresa May has officially triggered Article 50 today; beginning the two-year negotiation period which will ultimately conclude with BREXIT. There is a lot of discussion and predictions over what these negotiations will look like and how the UK will be affected.

Being a property specialist, we are aware that there are various news articles and reports which may perceive the property market as ‘risky’ or heading for a tough time ahead which may cause concern. However, Foundation Recruitment was set up in 2009, in the midst of the recession and we have managed to grow year on year within both domestic and international markets, so BREXIT does not faze us.

To give you an insight of the market’s current strength following the ‘worry’ of BREXIT, we can confirm that the last six months have been the best we have experienced as a business since opening and this trend is continuing to increase – allowing us to set new records for the business month on month!

We can confirm that Q1 2017 has seen a 2.5% increase in vacancies and a 25% increase in candidates compared to Q1 2016. These stats show that despite the political uncertainty, the property market remains robust; companies continue to grow and recruit additional heads into their teams and this momentum doesn’t appear to be slowing.

We’re not saying BREXIT isn’t a challenge, but it’s currently not giving us reason to worry and is making working in the property sector even more interesting. BREXIT has actually had numerous positive impacts including a surge of foreign investments from international investors and smaller players have become much more acquisitive!

What’s the future of the property industry?

In truth, the future prediction of the industry is uncertain and can’t be foretold. However, the current developments that are occurring throughout the industry are showing confidence; you may have noticed yourself, it is hard to walk through a major city without seeing a crane or a development under construction!

The sheer volume of inbound investment we can see coming through and the sizes of plans that are being proposed – and more importantly approved – are showing an extremely buoyant and lucrative future.

Katrina Whitehead, Marketing Executive, Foundation Recruitment

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