Aviation – an industry on the rise

Rising passenger expectations. Rising destinations. Rising security risks. Rising flight volume. Rising operator demands. Rising retail and F&B expectations. Rising digital demand. Rising passenger numbers. Rising expansion plans.

In the ever-growing passenger or “guest” focused world, the rise in all of the above can only mean more stress on delivering staff and strategic heads to ensure the passenger experience is incomparable and airport performance is not compromised. The more consumers we get through our airports smoothly and safely, the more income our retail and F&B units will turnover, the higher the likelihood of customer loyalty, the increased probability of volume spend, more airlines and occupiers are attracted to our UK airports, and we are thriving on the world stage which can only have a positive effect on our economy. The end goal is always to drive the value of each asset and overall income generated from the airport and its estate, as well as providing a needed and wanted service to UK and international consumers. So, what better way of achieving this than by strategic operational management and offering an outstanding service to passengers?!

With approximately 238 million passengers every year passing through UK airports, we really need to work on all aspects of operations to achieve the above objectives. The growth forecast for 2017 is genuinely exciting and has been predicted off the back of, what is blatantly apparent, a very successful 2016:

  • Various UK airports reported significant increases in passenger numbers
  • Heathrow expansion given the go ahead
  • Various airlines confirming new routes to new destinations
  • Ground handling service providers merging and showing signs of growth
  • Customer satisfaction is at an all-time high throughout UK
  • Punctuality is at an all-time high

We have been lucky enough to work with some of the UK’s most popular, regional airports as well as smaller but equally as important sub-regional airports to provide operators and investors; the people that make the strategy and, make it happen. It’s all about leadership, engagement, expertise, integrity, professional, commerciality, organisation, and, you guessed it – a customer-focused attitude!

Aviation is an industry on the rise and it is set for another year of growth for 2017!

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