Hinterview is a leading video recruitment platform which has been created to specifically enhance, speed up and further professionalise the recruitment process. Delivered securely, the platform moves the traditional telephone interview model forward to within touching distance of equalling face to face interviews.

For a business like Foundation Recruitment – working extensively across borders – Hinterview gives us a huge advantage when it comes to connecting clients with candidates and moving the early stage of the interview journey along a lot faster without the need for extensive diary coordination.

The ability for candidates to present themselves in video format – under interview conditions – gives the client a genuine insight into how comfortably the candidate deals with questioning, articulates his or her answers and provides an insight into them as an individual.


We can deliver pre-determined questions to the candidate, recording real-time responses. The video responses are then saved and sent to the client, along with an embedded CV and our interview notes. This link can then be shared securely amongst decision-makers – with the facility to write comments against each video – and also provide immediate instructions back to Foundation Recruitment to action. We can then drive a process through speedily to support your chase for sought after candidates.

The benefits of seeing a candidate on camera as they navigate interview questions can be substantial. It can bring a lot more confidence for the client before starting the face to face selection stage, saving time and – with travel often involved – money. As the links can be safely shared internally, it also allows hiring managers to invite early impressions from colleagues, particularly when collective decision making plays a part in the overall process.

With clients that we work with repeatedly, we also offer the opportunity to occasionally receive candidates speculatively from us via Hinterview. These will be individuals working with us, looking for the opportunity to be of interest to clients within our network.


Hinterview gives candidates a great opportunity to personally present themselves to potential employers. Whilst a well-structured CV, introduced professionally by a knowledgeable recruiter goes a very long way, the opportunity to showcase your individuality and talk the viewer through your suitability for a role on a video link, is a real game-changer.

Along with using the platform to answer a structured interview, it’s also possible to use Hinterview to record your own elevator pitch which can then be circulated around our client base upon agreement.

The ease of using the platform – removing the initial need to travel – is also a real time saver.

The benefits of Hinterview are enormous and at Foundation Recruitment we have found significant value in using the platform. If we do suggest Hinterview to you, you will be guided through how to use so you get the most out of it. We look forward to working with you and Hinterview.


Please get in touch for more information on how our video platform can benefit you!

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