Diversity & Equality

Why is diversity important?

Diversity and equality can have a massive impact on the effectiveness of a business. To have the best chance of employees being fully engaged with business objectives, deliver new perspectives, skills, and aspire to become future leaders, they need to be embedded within a supportive culture which they can resonate with.

There has been an abundance of research that reinforces the positive correlation between a company’s diversity and employee performance, innovation and decision making. This has been evidenced by McKinsey & Company, PwC and Forbes, among many others. Diversity helps to remove homogeneous strategies and ideas, boost employer and business brand, and directly influence staff retention.

Across all our specialist sectors, competition is becoming increasingly more challenging. A lack of diversity risks restricting innovation, performance and growth, allowing competitors to get ahead.

Why is it important to Foundation Recruitment?

Employees are paramount to achieve business goals – and we have big ambitions.

We will continue to support, build and leverage a diverse and inclusive environment to ensure all employees have the platform to personally develop and grow a successful career. This will allow us to grow the business successfully and innovatively, with a committed and loyal workforce.

We champion women in leadership positions with immense commitment, it delivers diversity of thought, inspires employees and enhances discussion and strategy. Our executive and senior management team has a 57:43 female bias – this is something we are fiercely proud of.

We are passionate about our business, our specialist sectors and the international companies we partner with. Diversity equips us with the ability to better understand our clients and candidates, allowing us to bring new talent and skills and empower clients to meet business goals.

How do we support diversity?

We strive to enable all employees to reach their full potential. We provide equal opportunities to all staff, irrespective of level or role and regardless of race, nationality, ethnic origin, gender, age, disability, religion, belief, gender reassignment, civil partnerships, marital status or sexual orientation.

We deliver bespoke training, development and progression prospects and in 2017 we promoted 65% of our team. We make certain the support, tools and resources needed to succeed are readily available. We strive to deliver the highest standards of employment practice and in 2018 we were proudly awarded our third consecutive Investors in People Gold accreditation – an accolade only 16% of Investors in People’s worldwide community have achieved.

We are also active members of the Employers Network for Equality and Inclusion (ENEI) to inform and support us with the evolving nature of diversity and ensure we are developing in line with the ever-changing world.

Benefit from our diversity commitment

The real estate market has a traditionally male dominated reputation and in the current climate, we have a fantastic opportunity to counter this and deliver a talented, equal and diverse future workforce.

Our culture supports an inclusive working practice for clients, candidates and employees alike. We always deliver complete fairness, impartial judgement and equal chances to anyone we have contact with and are proud of our candidate database which includes individuals of over 40 nationalities.

We have a thorough process for both our internal hiring process, candidate generation and candidate introduction to clients. We only ask for information we deem relevant to the role, and often with-hold personal details when shortlisting to ensure our clients can’t make any judgements – subconscious or conscious – giving every applicant an equal chance.

How do we attract a diverse candidate network?

  • – Gender coded job adverts.
  • – We actively run a High Achievers – Women in Real Estate LinkedIn group.
  • – We have a “Women in Real Estate Spotlight” campaign on our website.
  • – We are active in an array of countries and have 10 fluent language capabilities in-house to ensure we can communicate with a wide pool of candidates effectively – location and language.
  • – We attend numerous conferences internationally and are always willing to speak. In 2018 we spoke at a Women in Property event to support the gender imbalance in the industry.

Our Future Objectives:

  • – Improve the representation of women in the real estate market.
  • – Bring new talent to our sectors, matching the right skills to roles without judgement.
  • – Build and develop leaders who recognise and believe in the importance of inclusion and diversity, who can lead, manage and on-board effectively.
  • – Have a fully diverse, equal and successful workforce across all our specialist sectors.


For more information on our diversity commitment, please don't hesitate to contact us!