New Directors at Foundation Recruitment

New Directors at Foundation Recruitment…

Today has been a particularly positive and proud day for FR.

Not only have we been celebrating our 2nd successive best ever quarter, we have also been applauding the significant achievement of our newly appointed Directors, Tim Forbes and Alex Rowbottom.

Both Tim and Alex joined the business not long after University graduation. Over the years they have shaped, developed and progressed themselves with real determination and ability. They have overcome numerous challenges and now having taken lead roles in the future of our business, epitomise what can be achieved in our company.

At Foundation Recruitment, we wholeheartedly believe in creating a high challenge: high support culture, with the underlying objective of developing our own people and progressing them through the company. With Tim and Alex now taking pivotal positions in the nurturing and progression of our “next generation” its particularly pleasing for me to feel that the business is in the very best of hands as we continue to stride forward in our pursuit of further growth and continuous improvement.

I applaud both Tim and Alex’s achievements and am extremely proud to work alongside them!

Julian Long, Founder Director, Foundation Recruitment

Photography - Nick Harrison

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