Candidate Advice*


What NOT to do in an interview

There are so many common, honest mistakes people make in interviews which strongly impact the success of landing the role.

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Interview Preparation

Preparation is paramount. Without it, your chance of success is immediately diminished. Let us show you how to shine.

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Creating An Effective CV

Stand out from the crowd. A well structured, concise CV will put you in the interview room with the employer. Follow our recommendations to success.

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Managing Your Online Presence

Creating and managing a strong LinkedIn profile is becoming increasingly important. Follow our tips to ensure you present yourself in the best light possible!

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Handing in your Resignation

Leaving a role can seem a daunting and stressful process, but it doesn't have to be! Read our guide to make it a smooth and professional conversation.

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How to answer Competency Based Questions

It is crucial to have a strategy prepared to answer these questions to ensure you perform exceptionally on the day and stand out from other candidates

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Developing Careers

We recognise that every candidate we deal with is unique with distinctive skills, experiences, aspirations and motivations for seeking a new property job.

As a result we guarantee to do our utmost to find you a vacancy that matches your specific requirements from the large number of opportunities we are handling at any given time. If an opportunity does not present itself immediately we will stay in close contact with you to keep you abreast of our progress and in order to continually review your circumstances and requirements in order to match them to future roles.

As part of our commitment to providing a highly personalised service, we will always endeavour to meet and interview you, although this is sadly not always possible. We will however always provide you with tailored CV advice, guidance on interview techniques, career management input and recommendations on remuneration. As part of this, we may well look to manage your expectations to ensure that a realistic, shared objective is established at the onset as without this, the prospects of us being able to assist you are limited.

All of this advice is offered as part of our consultative approach with the sole intention of helping you to realise your desired career move. That’s our only agenda. In return, all we ask is a willingness from you to be receptive to our ideas, trusting of our motivations and transparent in your dealings with us.

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