Women in Real Estate Spotlight: Shaunagh Durkin

Shaunagh grew up surrounded by a hard-working family who led by example and went from having nothing to having something. She had her first job at the age of 14 working every Saturday and at 16 secured a part-time job in a high street food outlet to support her through college and university. Although never a desired career path, with her natural hunger to fulfill any task to the best of her abilities, she received her first promotion within 6 months and a management role after 2 years.

Shaunagh has a passion for communication and interest in the use of language to influence: she achieved a First Class Honours in Journalism but felt the industry lacked the career progression opportunities she sought. After the first stage interview at Foundation, she felt a genuine alignment with the business’ values and vision – integrity, ambition, determination, a view to be the best it could be and to outperform bigger and better-known organisations.

She joined in 2014 at 22 and threw herself into learning all she could about the business and the Real Estate market. She seized every opportunity to expand her knowledge, from meetings with Directors, networking events and reading up on industry news and clients. She dedicated herself to continually delivering beyond expectations, creating valuable and long-lasting partnerships.

Shaunagh had the opportunity to regularly work with the most notable and prestigious businesses operating in the Real Estate market today including Managing Agents, Landlords, Developers and Operators. Following her successful track record in the Shopping Centre industry, she was asked to take additional responsibility for Venues and Placemaking and built on her success to establish new relationships with some of the UK’s top exhibition centres and arenas – a sector that she continues to grow.

About to embark on her fifth year with the business, Shaunagh is now moving on to manage her own team: heading up UK Shopping Centre Management, Venues, and Placemaking. She has travelled with the business, led on new sector development, built on her own and the business’ brand, developed new talent internally and aided the organisation with growth plans. Because of her success, she has also been in a fortunate position to enjoy exciting travels in her personal life and is about to embark on buying her first house!

Shaunagh has found a role that genuinely allows her to utilise her passion for people and communication and carve out a career path aligned with her ambitious disposition. Not only is she an accomplished recruiter, but she is also a role model for young graduates on what they can achieve in just a few years with the right amount of dedication and passion, a respected Consultant and high achieving woman in real estate!

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